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     Monamolin was named after St.Moling, who was the second Bishop of Ferns.

     Many churches were founded by St. Moling, with the most famous being St. Mullin's in Co. Carlow, and many miracles have been attributed to him. St. Moling dedicated a holy well at Ferns in memory of St. Aidan [(or St. Maodhóg) the Patron Saint of the Diocese of Ferns] and which is known as Maodhóg's Well.

     According to the Annals of the Four Masters, Moling died in 696 AD and his feast day is celebrated on the 17th June. The Patron takes place in Monamolin on the Sunday closest to this date.

     John O'Donovan in his Ordnance Survey Letters of 1840 tells the story of St.Moling crossing a small hill in the district when an evil spirit annoyed him. He knelt on a rock to curse the spirit, leaving the impression of his knees on the stone. While there is no account of the stone today, it is said that the incident gave the name to the townsland Cloch na Mallacht, i.e. "the stones of the curses." St.Moling's Well is situated on the parochial lands at Glebe.


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