Breen International Transport
The Client
Breen International Transport & Logistics specialises in the transportation of computers and other high risk goods. The company operates a fleet of 16 HGV's.
The Requirement
As drivers travel abroad and don't return for long periods, there was a need for greater fleet control. Customers with high risk goods were requesting a tracking facility to be fited to vehicles and the company wanted to cut down on costs and improve customer service.
Wages and Overtime: "We've greatly reduced overtime and unnecesary suubsistance costs as drivers work more efficiently and are more accurate with their time sheets"
Communications"We're saving around 1000 a month on our phone bill as text messanging eliminates the need for lengthy conversations."
Fleet Utilisation "Whereas drivers might previously have claimed that they missed the booked ferry crossing, they now opperate more efficiently as they realise their actions can be monitored."
Added Benefits
Management Control "A lot of vehicles are based in England but others roam internationally, but we still have total control of their location at any given time."
Customer Service "We have improved our standerds of customer service as we can give accurate information and delivery times on request."
Sales & Marketing "VMI is an important sales tool to gain more custom and retain the current customer base. It presents our company as being professional and looking to the future."
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