Events since 1992
March 1992 , 36 serving and retired members of the Naval Service, An Slua Muiri (Naval Reserve), The Marine Service,(1939-1946) and The Maritime Inscription (1939-1947) attended a meeting in Dublin to re-vamp The Naval Association that lay dormant for nearly 10 years.

March 1994 26 members of the Naval Association paid a first visit to the Royal Naval Association at Holyhead in Wales.

June 1995 At a major function held in the Head Quarters of Dublin Port, The Naval Association launch it plans for a Maritime Festival, to be held at City Quay Dublin as part of the 50th Annivasary celebrations on the establishment of the Naval Service at the end of WW2. The large gathering at this function included 10 Foreign Ambassadors and all the Military Attaches resident in Dublin.

September 1995 Second visit to the Royal Naval Association at Holyhead, Wales.

November 1995 Presentation of Naval Association Colours by the Harbour Master of Dublin Port on board the Naval Flagship LE Eithne. See Colours

March 1996 156 members of the Naval Association from Dublin, Waterford, Limerick and Cork travelled to New York and then on to Boston to participate in the Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade. All the party were accommodated in Fort Devens a large Military Base a little outside Boston. see (USA 1996)

June 1996 Tall Ships and foreign Naval Ships lined the City Quays in Dublin for this 4 day event organised by The Naval Association to celebrate 50 years of the Irish Naval Service. Highlights of the festival was a banquet in the state rooms of Dublin Castle. A Maritime Exhibition. Mass celebrated by the Arch-Bishop of Dublin followed by the blessing of the visiting Fleet. Many musical events including two performances by 60 members of the Wexford Symphonia playing from the Guinness mobile stage at City Quay. see (Dublin Maritime Festival)

September 1996 Presentation of framed Naval Association Pendents to all those who supported and sponsored our Maritime Festival. This function was hosted in the Lord Mayors residence and was attended by the Lord Mayor of Dublin and many other dignitaries.

March 1997 The second visit by the Irish Naval Association to New York and Boston. This trip included a guided tour of the USS Salem a WW2 Battle Cruiser and a visit to the oldest commissioned vessel afloat the USS Constitution. The trip also included a trip to the Boston Ski Resort for a days ski-ing.

June 1997 First visit to Dublin from the Birkenhead branch of the Royal Naval Association. The Irish Naval Association met the Royal Naval Association group off the Irish Ferry at Dun Laoighaire and brought the group on an open top twin deck Bus to the Martime Museum. After the visit to the Museum they were treated to a tour of Dublin City and by a reception hosted by the Dublin Lord Mayor at the Lord Mayor's Mansion.
Following the reception they were off again this time to the famous Guinness Hop Store where they visited the Guinness Plant and Museum. Many free pints of Guinness was sampled before moving off to the Westmanstown Social Centre for the Irish Naval Associations official welcome to the Royal Naval Association Group followed by presentations and dinner.

August 1997 36 members of the Irish Naval Association paid a return visit to the Birkenhead Branch of the Royal Naval Association. Our visit included a tour of Liverpool Docks and a visit to the Submarine Onyx and a British Destroyer based at Liverpool. The sad part of this trip was that it clashed with the funeral of Princess Diane but our hosts wanted to continue with their plans for our visit. At exactly 11 a.m. the time of the funeral both groups the Irish Naval Association and the Royal Naval Association stood in silence at a war memorial in some small little country village outside Liverpool as a mark of respect to Princess Diane. A very nice dinner and reception was hosted by the Royal Naval Association at the end of our visit that evening.

September 1997 The Naval Association invaded the waterways of the River Shannon. 60 members and wives on board 10 of the biggest river cruisers available spent 7 days cruising the rivers and lakes of the Shannon River during one of the warmest weeks on record for that time of year. This beautiful warm weather was ideal for the evening barbecues and the other activities held during the week.

December 1997 First Naval Association Christmas Dinner and Dance

February 1998 Weekend at Clonea Strand Hotel Waterford, for Golf, Ten Pin Bowling, Snooker and a few beers

March 1998 Visit to Chicago, Florida and San Diego including a visit to the Naval Base in San Diego. (See visit to San Diego)

May 1998 50 members paid a week long visit to the D-Day Landing sites at Normandy and the United States, British and German War Cemeteries.(see Normandy visit)

June 1998 Naval Association Reception at the Dublin Lord Mayors Residence (The Mansion House). Present were The Lord Mayor, The US Ambassador Mrs. Jean Kennedy-Smith (sister of President Kennedy), The Flag Officer of the Naval Service Commodore John kavanagh and Col. William Torpey (US Military Attache) and over 100 guests. A presentation was made to the US Ambassador and Col. Torpey in recognition of their contributions to the success of our visits to the United States. (see our visits to the USA on the main index page)

August 1998 The Naval Association setup the Communications Division for the duration of the visit to Dublin of over 100 Sailing Vessels participating in the Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race. This includes 16 large A Class Vessels including The Vessels "Sedov", "Kruzenshtern", "Libertad", "Dar Mlodzlezy", "Mir", "Gloria" etc. see the Cutty Sark Tall Ship Story

September 1998 Presentation of a Gold Chain of Office to our President Mr. Piaras O'Connor by Commodore John Kavanagh Flag Officer of the Naval service. Click here for details of the ceremony at the Naval base ) The presentation took place at 1200 hrs on the main square of the Naval Base. It was also the 80th birthday of our President who was one of the first to join the new Marine Service set up at the outbreak of WW2. (see The Naval Service 1939-1996)

November 1998 Ferry and Coach Tour of the sites of the Battles of WW1 and participation in the Inauguration Cermony of the Memorial to all the Irish Men from both the North and South of Ireland who gave their lives between 1914 and 1918.see "A Journey of Reconciliation" and also Irish Peace Park

December 1998 2nd Annual Dinner and Dance at the Garda Social Centre Dublin.

Forthcoming events for 1999

March 1999 74 members of the Association travelled to Clonea Strand Hotel, Waterford, for three days of Golf, Snooker, and Ten Pin Bowling.

June 1999 48 members of the Association travelled to Holyhead in Wales to commerate the 60th anniversary of the loss of the HMS Submarine "Thetis" and 99 of her crew plus a diver who died in the rescue attempt in June 1939. Click here for details of the loss of "HMS Thetis"

September 1999 Return visit to Flanders, and the Somme to visit the War Memorials and Cemeteries missed on our last trip. This is a 7 day trip.
see details of the trip

Saturday 18th December 1999 Annual Dinner and Dance at the Garda Social Centre, Dublin.

Year 2000

1st July 2000 Return trip to cruise the river Shannon for one week. See details

17th-24th September 2000 8 day visit by coach to Paris and St. Malo France. See details

Saturday 2nd December 2000 Annual dinner/dance at the Garda Social Club, Dublin. Music by Tommy Carroll

Year 2001

8th April to 13th April 2001 5 days of fun and games at the Westport Hotel.

8th to 22nd September 2001 Visit to Rome, Naples, Florence, Pisa, Verona, Venice Lake Garda and Milan.

16th November 2001 Anuual Dinner and Dance in the Garda Social Club, Dublin. This Year 49 members of the Berkinhead Royal Naval Association will attend.

18th November 2001 Unveiling of a stained glass window by The Irish Prime Minister, An Taoiseach Mr. Bertie Ahearn T.D. at the Garrison Church, Cathal Brugha Barracks. The window was commissioned by The Naval Association in memory of the deceased members of The Marine Service (1939-1946), The Maritime Inscription (1939-1947), The Naval Service, and An Slua Muiri (now renamed The Naval Service Reserve)

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