Induce Vomiting

1.Nothing but a... INDUCE VOMITING
2.Asphalt Wasteland
3.Hiber Society
5.Lovey Dovey (Bathroom Song)
6.USA - Killing the World
7.Lovey Dovey (I'm Waiting)
8.I'm Sorry
9.Chaos Turns to Order
10.Testosterone Infected Helmut Men
11.Lovey Dovey (Girlie)
13.Old (Flame)
14.Newcomer Inane Killjoy Imbecile
15.Money Money Money
17.A Difference

2004-'Induce Vomiting' Line-up John, Hugh-bob and Eamonn

Review from HOTPRESS - VOL 28 - NO 18 - 22nd Sept 2004

INDUCE VOMITING You really have to admire this spiky Athlone three-piece's adherence to good old-fashioned hardcore punk values. Their second album contains such wonderfully-titled ditties as 'Newcomer Inane Killjoy Imbecile' and a pair of anti-war rants - 'Testosterone Infected Helmut Men' and 'USA - Killing the World'. Even the love songs don't hold back - 'Old Flame' contains the opening line "You're a fucking bitch, I hate the sight of you." Sounds exactly like it says on the tin and get this - their website contains a recipe for home-made cider! -- SIX / TEN -- Review by Hayes