1.A Reflection of Popular Minority UGLY
2.A Memory
3.Want to Be
6.Everything's Fine
11.Having to Realise
12.School (Bridge to the Future) Race
16.Time Kills All

2006-'Ugly' Line-up John, Hugh-bob and Eamonn


One of the best CD’s to come from the emerald isle in a long time as this raw, mix ‘n’ mash style offering is vocally delivered with a laid back nonchalance that compliments the fuzz ‘n’ bass backdrop very effectively. The opening ‘A Reflection of Popular Minority’, the pissed up pogo style ‘Want To Be’ and the meandering ‘Endurance’ are the highs of a quality collection that has a certain originality borne of many influences and well blended ingredients. Old school, Americanized lovers of punk pop and your average Joe Punk should all appreciate this and NOMATRIX can only benefit from productions of this standard. Fast, slow, medium paced – like a good all round cricketer these lot bowl straight and sure and will hit many a punk wicket on their way into the precarious punk future. Howzthat!

Dave Fungalpunk/OMD -

NOMATRIX are a trio from the Emerald isle and 'Ugly' is their excellent new 16 track album. Their influences are many but it all gels together to give them their own sound. Their music is varied and this should result in their fan base being spread throughout punk, hardcore and a few other genres. Ranging from slow, through medium and on to fast as fuck, it's all there. I haven't heard much from across the Irish Sea recently but I was certainly impressed with the quality of the songs and the production is also very good. I generally favored their faster songs 'A Reflection of Popular Minority', 'Want To Be', 'Having To Realise', 'School (Bridge to the Future) Race' and 'Time Kills All' being amongst my favorites but one of their slower songs 'Unsure' was what I thought was the best of a very good bunch.

Tim Davies - Punk4Life -