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~ ~ About The Show


"It's nothing personal, she annoys me too. I sometimes think that's a good thing."
        - Kaitlin, about Julie

"A few grunts and an occasional shrug."
        - Sandy, missing Ryan's dinner company

"You made me a comic book?"
"This is no ordinary comic book, my friend. This is an origin story. Now, you may have never saved the planet, but you did save us, so... This is our story."
        - Ryan and Seth


"She has a whole slew of missed assignments and during bio lab, Mr. Cassel got the strong sense Kaitlin was flirting with him."
"Is he the really short one? I'm sure she just thought he was a student."
        - Dean Torres and Julie Cooper

"How did you get here before me? Do you have a secret twin? Because that would explain so much."
        - Summer to Taylor

"When was the last time you shaved your legs? It's like a forest. Oh my god! your toenails!"
"Yeah, I don't do that stuff anymore."
"Obviously. You've got hobbit feet."
        - Taylor and Summer

"First we do shots! Then we find your friend!"
        - Drunk Army Guy to Seth

"What do you want?"
"Nothing, actually, 18 tequillas is my limit... I'm looking for my friend Ryan, he's in there somewhere..."
        - Bartender and Seth

"Move it, hippies!"
        - Taylor

"Have you ever tried sleeping outside? There's so much grass and you can't turn off the stars."
        - Summer, on the downside of saving the planet

"I don't do love triangles anymore."
        - Summer

"You know what I think this is?"
"A coded message."
"Nothing. Probably the name of a band. Seth wrote it on a paper and put it in his pocket. Relax, sweetheart."
        - Sandy and Kirsetn

"Dad, it's me. Did you get my note? I had to write it in code in case Ryan found it."
"Right. The note."
        - Seth, on the phone to Sandy

"So did you kill him? I mean that was the plan, right? Not the lie you told me when you said 'Trust me, man.'"
        - Seth to Ryan

"You know some of us are still alive."
        - Kaitlin to Julie


"I'm not angry. I just wish he was dead that's all."
        - Ryan

"Seth, one day when I'm no longer sleeping under your bed you're gonna miss me."
        - Taylor

"Taylor, what are you doing out?"
        - Seth

"I still can't believe you had no reaction to my tattoo."
"I had a reaction. I told you to get that thing removed."
        - Seth and Summer

"Okay, who here has not seen Battlestar Galactica season one?"
"I missed the season finale."
"Get ready to have your mind blown. In this, Starbuck is a woman."
        - Seth entertains the homeless guys

"Smile. Apologise. Lie. Do whatever it takes."
        - Julie, with some advice for Ryan

"Kaitlin! Where are you going?"
"To the Cohens! They don't hate the whole family, just you!"
        - Julie and Kaitlin

"The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away — as a child I went to Bible School and all those quotes kinda stuck with me."
        - Taylor, with some Thanksgiving wisdom

"Tell me about her."
"Anything. Just... tell me about her."
        - Julie and Ryan

"I remember the first time I saw her... She was standing at the bottom of the driveway... And she gave me this smile..."
"It was a beautiful smile."
        - Ryan and Julie


"Careful, lady. My girlfriend's gonna be here any second."
"Shut up, Cohen."
"Hey. You just punched me. My baby's back."
        - Summer and Seth

"I'm gonna walk back — sweaty."
"Yeah, I wasn't gonna offer you a lift."
        - Ryan and Sandy, after a beach run

"You know you might want to relax."
"Distract me. Tell me about this, uh, cage fighting. It's something I've been meaning to get into."
"Yeah? Ask me for another favor and I'd be happy to show you."
        - Ryan and Taylor

"You know that shirt really brings out your eyes."
"It's black."
        - Taylor and Ryan

"Sometimes a guy just wants to hang with other guys... Jimmy left. Caleb died. Then Jimmy left again..."
        - Sandy

"I don’t have that many guy friends anymore... When we were kids, all you had to do was ask: 'Hey, want to play some pool?'. And we didn’t have cell phones."
        - Sandy

"Here's to be stupid for a while."
        - Sandy, with the game a beer and a buddy

"Where I come from we just say 'hey'."
"Well, to borrow your native tongue — 'hey'."
        - Seth meets Che

"I don’t like the show anymore. All you hear are fake problems, fake people just to distract from the real problems in the world."
"I don't think the network work go for a sexy teen soap set in Damascus."
        - Summer with Seth, growing out of 'The Valley'

"You’ll never get to forget about her. But... life goes on."
"Not the same way."
"No... But you have got to make this life work."
"But I do, you know. I got a job, I go there, and go home, and talk to the fewest people possible."
        - Sandy and Ryan

"Honey, even with the wonders of elective surgery, you’ll only be this hot for so long. Have fun when you can!"
        - Taryn to Julie

"Don’t worry, we’ll find you another old dude to pay for all your stuff and cheat on you."
"Is that what I’m teaching you?"
"Pretty much."
        - Julie and Kaitlin

"I made a bet with my mom that I'd stay out of trouble — and this sounds like trouble."
        - Kaitlin, to Brad and Eric

"There's one man who can always get me onto the dancefloor. Jose — Jose Cuervo."
        - Taryn, slamming some Tequila

"There's no one older than a high school senior, and no one younger than a college freshman."
        - Taylor, reminding Ryan about her commencement speech

"If you don't hear from me for a while it's not because I love you. It's because I do."
        - Seth with a message for Summer


"Bollywood, huh? I didn't know you were such a world cinema buff. Especially at 2:30 in the morning."
"What are you doing up?"
"I had a dream. Summer was marrying Ralph Nader and I was playing the marimba at the wedding."
"Good gig."
        - Seth and Ryan

"You might want to sit down. I have huge news and a favor to ask of you."
"You're in love with Ryan and you want my help convincing him to date you."
"You said he was funny. It's kind of a giveaway."
        - Taylor and Seth

"I was raised by a she-wolf of a mother who practiced emotional terrorism."
        - Taylor

"Why do you have to hook up with Spencer? I mean, couldn't you've seen that I liked him?
"He is 10 years older than you and no, I couldn't see that!"
"Well, I was flirting with him!"
"You flirt with everybody."
"So do you!"
"You are 15 years old."
"And you are my mother."
        - Kaitlin and Julie, Coopers both

"Easy girl."
        - Taylor, walking in on a fresh-from-the-shower Ryan

"Aww, it's a Wonder Woman paperweight."
"Seth gave me his employee discount."
        - Kirsten and Sandy

"Call me crazy but maybe Madeline Albright doesn't need to be hot."
        - Sandy to Bullit

"When are you allowed to call Summer again?"
"10:03 tomorrow."
        - Ryan and Seth

"Taylor! Taylor... are you wearing pyjamas?"
        - Ryan, surprised by 'sleep coach' Taylor

"Are you seriously trying to Jedi mind trick me?"
    - Taylor to Seth

"I got a rabbit."
"Really? What's its name? Is it Gorgon, destroyer of carrots?"
        - Summer and Seth

"Kiss me. I think there's something there and if you kiss me I think you'll feel it too."
        - Taylor to Ryan


"She's driving a silver Mercedes, made in the 80s..."
        - The soundtrack to Ryan's vision of Taylor

"I keep imagining her on rollerskaes or washing windows..."
        - Ryan can't get Taylor out of his head

"Things are weird and about to get weirder."
        - Ryan, before his date with Taylor

"Did you ever think decapitation could be so beautiful?"
        - Taylor, watching "Bloodbath #4" with Ryan

"Where are you?"
"I'm in your room."
"I'm in *your* room."
        - Summer and Seth

"I listened to stupid Che and his stupid plan and he sold me down the stupid river."
"I knew anyone that sincere was not to be trusted."
        - Summer and Seth

"You could at least act like it's halfway possible that I could avenge your honour."
        - Seth to Summer

"Since he's out of town and he's going to be moving out next semester you're going to need a new Seth. Don't tell Sandy, but I thought I would audition for the job."
"That's very thoughtful."
"So, how does it work? Do I ask you what's on your mind?"
"Usually you talk about yourself and I solve my problems on my own."
        - Kirsten and Ryan

"If there's anything else you need, I'm gonna be up in my room reading comic books and listening to indie rock."
"That's a good Seth."
        - Sandy and Ryan

"Taylor isn't in there with you guys is she?"
        - Ryan, walking in on Roger and Connor

"Hello 911? I'd like to report a totally lame party."
        - Kaitlin, closing down her own party

"Nobody came to my party!"
"So you dresses like a 'ho for no reason?"
"I changed before I got here."
        - Kaitlin, taking the school's queen bee down a peg

"What are you doing paying your gay friend Roger to pretend he's in love with you?"
"Well, what if I did? Hm? What if I did rent a homosexual for the evening and pay him with rare collectibles from Asian cinema? What difference does it make to you?"
"Well, it's a little strange."
"Well, so am I. Which is why you ran away from me last night."
"No, it wasn't 'cause you're strange."
"What, you don't find me strange?"
"No, I do. But it's not why I took off."
        - Ryan and Taylor

"Just how old are you?"
        - Julie to Kailtin

"So now you think I'm a liar?"
"And a chicken, a snake, and a rat."
        - Che and Summer

"So he was a liar, coward and a hypocrite but at least he had depth."
        - Seth, summing up Che

"What's the life span on one of these things?"
        - Seth, after Summer shows him Pancakes the rabbit


"Poor Ryan, all of his muscles are so developed except for the ones in his mouth. You want to invite me for Chrismukkah but you don't know how, so I will save you the trouble. I would love to come."
"Taylor look, I don't know whats going on between us, but its only been a few weeks."
"And you think if you invite me for Chrismukkah that makes me your girlfriend."
"I don't want to hurt your feelings, but yeah."
        - Taylor and Ryan

"I am so grateful that if I have to be in a parallel universe that you're here with me. Of course you probably wish you were with someone that you actually want to date. That would be nice, wouldn't it?"
"Oh, even in a parallel universe she never stops."
        - Taylor and Ryan

"Even Homeless People Have Christmas."
        - Alternate Julie's Charity Slogan

"We're having a very Britney Christmas, mother."
        - Kaitlin to Julie

"Uh, what... what did you mean 'knew'?"
"She died three years ago."
"She OD'd in an alleyway in Tijuana."
        - Ryan and alternate Kaitlin

"I'm from an alternate universe where your dad adopted me and you and Summer are in love. And unless I fix things here — which means getting your parents and you and Summer together — I can't go home."
"I always knew this would happen."
"Doesn't surprise me."
        - Ryan and alternate Seth

"Omigod! In alt-world I'm a boy!"
        - Taylor

"What you two are best at is being married to each other."
        - Ryan, to alternate Sandy and Kirsten

It takes a pretty blind eye not to recognize Marissa's utter selfishness over the majority of three seasons. She was a self-centered, self-absorbed, and, well, self-everything really except -sufficient. She constantly brought Ryan down with her, and many of Ryan's problems since he arrived in Newport can be traced back to Marissa. Aside from turning herself in for shooting Trey, she didn't do much for Ryan... But this letter completely changed that, I think. You can effectively argue that it was simply the writers' way of bringing Taylor and Ryan together, but I do think it fits perfectly in the continuity of the series, and it actually shows us that Marissa really did mature in the final months of her life, something the show seemed to want to tell but didn't know how to show. Through this letter, Marissa smartly broke ties with Ryan. Their relationship was self-destructive, and they were never going to be completely happy together, and it's pretty amazing that people ever believed that it could. And I love that Marissa, who I used to think had the IQ of a special needs monkey, was the one who realized what needed to be done. She had to move on, and she knew Ryan did, too.
        - Drew Timmons, from his Blogspot review of "The Chrismukk-huh?"


"Do I need to remind you why you're here right now?"
"Because you haven't killed me yet?"
        - Ryan and Seth, in flash forward mode

"Jamaican Me Crazy?"
"It's funny because it's not."
        - Summer and Seth, after Seth gives her a 'funny' Tshirt

"You didn't make any plans for us, did you?"
"Well I thought we would just-"
"What? Jamaican up as you go?!"
        - Summer and Seth, with no plans for New Years' Eve

"No plans... that's a dirty word."
        - Seth

"What do you wanna do now?"
"Oh, curl up in a fetus position and weep. Although perhaps the unborn baby metaphor—"
"Not really appropriate."
        - Ryan and Seth

"Do you think I'm a whore?"
        - Taylor to Ryan

"What do you know about laundering money?"
        - Julie

"He couldn't remember his name, but he remembered mine."
        - Sandy, on a confused client

"Let's get you out of this Pilgrim outfit."
        - Bullit to Julie

"We need an emergency evacuation!"
        - Seth, to a comic fan with wheels

"Just to be clear-"
"Everything but."
        - Ryan and Taylor, about to get intimate


"You got engaged? Why didn't you say something sooner?"
"Hm. Romantic."
        - Taylor and Summer

"Now that I'm without child..."
        - Summer

"I'm thinking bagpipes and maybe a replica of the starship Enterprise."
        - Taylor, planning a possible Roberts-Cohen wedding

"So you asked her before you looked at the test?"
"I was trying to be a man. A plan with a fundamental conceptual flaw."
        - Ryan and Seth

"Acting impulsively when your girlfriend is pregnant, believe me, I know about that."
        - Ryan to Seth

"Eh, the ring you gave her glows in the dark."
"Yeah, it's so cool!"
        - Ryan and Seth

"If you're too chicken to tell her how you feel, give her no choice but to tell her how she feels ... smoke her out."
        - Ryan and Seth

"So what are you going to do? Level with him and tell him the truth?"
"Frak that. He wants a game of chicken he's gonna get it."
        - Taylor and Summer

"And I brought the Torah, you're converting to Judaism."
        - Seth, trying to smoke out Summer

"Now you don't want to call it off because you don't want to hurt his feelings?"
"Or cause if you do, he'll get the upper hand?"
"Now we're talking my kind of dating game."
        - Julie and Summer

"Manipulating the opposite sex. God Julie, why didn't I come to you earlier!"
        - Summer

"Not that I don't look forward to one day becoming Jewish..."
        - Summer

"Pancakes... I thought he should stay for a while with you. See if my husband can take care of something small and vulnerable."
        - Summer to Seth

"Yeats. Shelley-"
"Have you been working on the guest list?"
        - Seth, kinda discussing wedding vows with Summer

"I love her enough to ask her to marry me. I'm not going to lose her."
"You mean lose *to* her."
        - Seth and Ryan

"We're supposed to talk about the book from Buck's perspective. And Buck was a dog, so Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof..."
        - Kaitlin

"Are you alright?"
"I'm from the Bronx, used to hit guys all the time. Key term, used to."
        - Sandy and Ryan


"Brilliant plan. Good luck getting rejected."
"Fortunately it's something I excel at."
        - Ryan and Seth

"When the world zigs, we zag."
        - Seth, about his relationship with Summer

"She's hilarious, for one. My favorite thing in the world is to make her laugh because she has a crazy honk of a laugh."
        - Seth, on what he likes about Summer

"As far as prisons go it's very beautiful."
        - Che, in Summer's vision of her wedding dress

"What are you doing tomorrow night?"
"You asking me out?"
"Are you saying yes?"
"You go first."
"Okay. You’re cordially invited to hang out in my house. With me."
"I’d like to accept your invitation."
        - Kaitlin and Will

"Stupid Winter clothing drive."
"You may not know this, but there are homeless people that live in Newport."
"Really? ...Hi Daryl, Hi Bill.
"Hey Kaitlin."
        - Kaitlin and Will help out the homeless gang (including Daryl and Bill)

"I’ve known you a long time, Julie. This isn’t a matter of cloudy judgement and questionable morals. This is breaking federal law."
        - Kirsten to Julie

"Bathing is for the burgeoise."
        - Jean Michel

"This constant sunshine is so banal."
        - Jean Michel, on Newport life

"You used to go on a French talk show?!"
        - Ryan to Taylor

"French philosophy at 7am in the morning? Ouch..."
        - Sandy to Ryan

"So you're the friend of Mademoiselle Townsend?"
"Yes. What's happening?"
"They started out talking about A Season for Peaches and now somehow they are into Existentialism of the 21st century, the responsibility of the post-Colonial age, Johnny Depp. Amazing!"
        - Ryan, mingling with the 'Je Pense' crew

"After I heard about your research—traveling to Hume's personal archive in Edinburgh—even I was impressed."
"I'm sure you were."
        - Jean Michel and Ryan


"They're gonna call."
        - Summer to Taylor, about Seth and Ryan

"Maybe we should call them?"
        - Ryan to Seth, about Taylor and Summer

"If you'll excuse me, I have a legitimate business to run — one that doesn't involve hookers."
        - Kirsten to Julie

"Talk is cheap Ryan, if you're ging toe-to-toe with this frenchie, you need to step your game up."
"I can't believe I'm getting advice from a 15-year old."
"A 15-year old who's right."
        - Kaitlin and Ryan

"He was feeling strange Seth vibes."
"All the way from Rhode Island?"
"Che transcends space and time."
        - Summer and Taylor

"Go with it. You're in the spirit world, man. This is the very last part of your journey."
"Ryan likes Journey."
        - Che and Seth

"I can hear you! What's that, little fella? You don't feel well? That's okay. I can take care of you. I don't exactly know what that means, but maybe I can get you back in the ocean with all your otter friends. And you can do otter-related activities."
        - Seth, to his otter animal guide

"Just so we're, the only reason I'm here is 'cos I know you don't want me to be."
        - Kaitlin, to Lucy, at the band bake sale

"Why do you make fun of the things that make Will Will?"
        - Lucy to Kaitlin

"A sonnet: I don't know how to write.
A haiku: 5-7-5 seems too tight.
Then there are three little words I'm not able to say.
But Taylor, this is what I can tell you today.
Though I can't say those words tonight.
Please stick with me because I feel someday I might."
        - Ryan's poem to Taylor

I love you but I love love more. And I don't want to be alone in it.
        - Henri Michel's message for Taylor


"I was hoping you'd be there to do something weird so it wouldn't be so boring."
        - Kaitlin, inviting Taylor to a party

"Beside getting you kicked out of college you know I'd never do anything to hurt you."
        - Che to Summer

"No one plans a surprise party like Sandy Cohen. I could've worked for the CIA."
"Why, are they known for their surprise parties?"
        - Sandy and Seth

"Che, hey, are you there? Or is this a dream?"
"Unless this whole life is a dream."
        - Seth and Che

"Rise and shine, my brother! For the clarion call of justice has rung across the land!"
[rips his covers off the bed]
"I'm glad I don't sleep naked."
"Yeah. I know. I didn't think about that."
        - Che and Seth

"I've been emailing Bullit as my Mon for like a month now..."
        - Kaitlin, in a perfectly plausible plot

"Sometimes when I like someone I, eh, kind of, eh, stalk them."
        - Taylor

"My whole life I've been completely powerless before people who say they have feelings for me."
        - Taylor

"This plan is insane! It'll never work."
"Seth, when the universe intends for something to happen, it'll happen."
        - Seth and Che

"You realize this is the second time you and I've spent the night together?"
"So, does that mean anything to you?"
"You'll be going on your little adventures by yourself from now on?"
        - Che and Seth

"Groundhog! It wasn't an otter at all."
        - Che, interpreting a vision correctly after all

"In another life brother."
        - Che to Seth

"What did Che mean when he said in another life. In another life what?"
        - Seth

"I can not believe that you tried to steal Newport Chuck."
"Sometimes the universe makes you do things that we don't understand."
"Well Sandy didn't seem too upset about it."
"Are you kidding? He's waited 18 years for me to be arrested for political activism. It's probably the proudest moment of his entire life."
        - Ryan and Seth

"That's what I said."
        - Seth, Ryan and Sandy, after hearing Kirsten's news

"Yeah. Well, congratulations."
"Yeah, it's great. Especially since it makes me getting arrested looks trivial now."
"You got what?"
"Thanks for prepping her, dad."
        - Ryan, Seth and Kirsten

"Were you just trying to stalk me?"
"Yeah, I guess I need a little more practice."
"That is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me."
        - Taylor and Ryan


"It'll be awkward."
"I've never met an awkward silence I couldn't fill."
        - Ryan and Taylor

"I mean, your dad and Julie Cooper. It's just so—"
"Incestuous. Inappropriate."
"Well look at you all articulate."
        - Taylor and Ryan

"Sometimes I feel like I'm going to be listening to her snide comments for the rest of my life."
        - Kirsten about Taryn (flashback)

"What if we are each other's Jimmy Coopers? You know, the one before the one you're meant to be with?"
        - Summer to Seth

"This my friend, marks the first moment I fell in love with Summer Roberts. It was the spring. 1998."
"Is this a long flashback? 'Cause my break's almost over."
"Bear with me."
        - Seth and Ryan

"Listen Townsend I'm playing for Team Bullit."
        - Kaitlin, shipping for a Julie-Bullit match

"I forgot what we're dealing with here: Atwoods on Valentine's Day."
        - Taylor, trying to come up with a plan with Frank and Ryan

"We're from the same world."
        - Frank, on his connection to Julie

"What is that? What are you wearing?"
        - Julie, spotting Kaitlin's "Team Bullit" tshirt

"I'm following your decoy limo!"
"Then I'm following you!"
        - Kaitlin and Ryan

"So, Julie's had enough of the old Bullit, eh?"
"We can still play ping pong together."
"C'mon. You know I let you win."
"No you don't."
"Yes I do."
"In your dreams."
"You ever seen that movie Casablanca?"
"Well it goes like this: 'Peanut, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship'."
        - Bullit and Kaitlin, on the runway

"I believe that my destiny's with you, but I have other destinies."
        - Summer to Seth


"The Bullit went to prison and he was awesome. But you're just boring."
        - Kaitlin to Frank

"It's pretty much the nature equivalent of a chick-flick."
        - Seth, unimpressed by a nature documentary

"Do not insult Al Gore!"
        - Summer to Seth

"I don't understand how you're not drunk?"
"Oh, it's the Atwood genes, we're built to withstand massive quantities of alcohol."
        - Taylor and Ryan

"I know! I know! Bad Taylor. I shouldn't have tried to get you drunk."
        - Taylor to Ryan

"It's hard dating someone who won't tell you how they're feeling and having to interpret hand signals..."
        - Taylor


"I think that grace under pressure is very important and I don't want you to think I'm lacking in it."
        - Taylor to Ryan

"Did he hear something about aftershocks? Looters?"
"Zombies? Yeah, my first thought too."
        - Summer and Seth, getting updated on the situation from Sandy

"Don't you think the boys are acting weird?"
"Shifty looks, finishing each other's sentences, like they're composing a lie on the spot? Totally normal for them."
        - Taylor and Summer, discussing Ryan and Seth

"Do you want to make a list up?"
"How about all the people you've punched in the face since you came to Newport?"
        - Ryan and Seth, trying to take their mind off things

"...That was more of a tackle."
        - Ryan, taking issue with one of the punches chosen by Seth

"Go for it, there was a flippin' earthquake!"
        - Kaitlin, to Julie and Frank

"After all the times you saved me I was up."
        - Seth to Ryan


"Ryan, have you talked to her?"
"Oh, no, haven't read her blog, haven't looked at her scrapbook, it's over and I am OK. It's been months, I barely even think about her."
        - Kirsten and Ryan, about Taylor

"She's 6000 miles away and still annoying."
        - Kaitlin about Taylor

"...That old married couple upstairs."
        - Sandy, about Seth and Summer

"This chair is my home now."
        - Seth

"Boy, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree..."
        - Kaitlin, meeting the rest of the Bullit clan

"Come on, sunshine is burning! ...I'm late."
        - Bullit, hurrying the gang along

"I've got my shoes, my dress, my cheat-sheet with the names of all my step-brothers..."
        - Kaitlin, preparing for the wedding

"He's probably gonna come out wearing a cowboy hat telling the doctor 'Bang'."
"...or a wifebeater."
        - Kaitlin and Julie, expecting a brother

"I think my little sister deserves a shot at growing up normal."
        - Seth, hoping for a move from Newport

"You know, I thought Atwoods were good at fighting."
        - Kaitlin to Frank

"Look at that full head of hair... If I look half as good as you in 20 years I'll be a happy man."
        - Seth to Sandy

"She's beautiful, isn't she?"
"She really will be in two years when she doesn't look like a squished meatball."
        - Sandy and Seth, about Sophie

"Maybe I'll just struck up a casual romance with one of the Bullits... Ok, who do you think is hotter? El Paso or San Antonio? Hanoi has a certain charm."
        - Taylor to Summer

        - Todd and Patrick meet the wedding party

"Thank you so much for Flapjacks."
"And don't forget to clean his cage — which should not be used for cage fighting."
        - Ryan and Summer, with a parting gift

"At least I leave you funnier that when I found you."
        - Seth to Ryan

"Hey kid, you need any help?"
        - Ryan


When The OC debuted, audiences outside the immediate demographic found themselves engaged by Schwartz's blend of teen angst and Jewish neuroses, his hyperverbal emo- and anime-obsessed adolescents and his portrayal of sexily dependable parents. Schwartz had an original voice. In the homogenised world of American network TV, an original voice is a gift and a curse. If your voice speaks to a segment of the audience, they'll stick with you for life. But a successful show opens innumerable doors of opportunity. Schwartz's plate was so full of spin-offs, pilots and movies that he handed over the reins of The OC to trusted subordinates who failed to replicate his tone, butchered his vision, and generally made a pig's ear of the third season, alienating a sizeable, never-to-return chunk of audience.
        - Jonathan Bernstein, "The Guardian"

Marissa’s lesbian flirtations with Alex (Olivia Wilde) was actually handled well, considering it occurred on a Fox show during sweeps.
        - The Chicago Tribune's Maureen Dyan reflects on The OC

Ryan's stint as a cage fighter: So what do you do to get over the death of your soulmate? Well take a job as a cage fighter of course! At least that's how teenagers combat grief in The OC. In an attempt to deal with his anger following Marisa's death, Ryan takes a job in a seedy bar where he becomes a barman by day and wrestles as a cage fighter by night. In a bid to emphasise his fragile state of mind, he doesn't actually fight in these matches but instead simply allows himself get beaten to a pulp on a regular basis.
The incestuous love-triangles: There have been some bizarre relationships between the central characters as their lives have criss-crossed over the course of the four seasons. In season one, Ryan dates Marisa, whilst Marisa's mother, Julie, has an affair with Marisa's ex-boyfriend, Luke. Then Julie marries Caleb Cohen, Ryan's step-grandfather, making Marisa, Ryan's aunt. In season two, Ryan hooks up with Lindsey, who turns out to be his stepmother's sister. For Ryan, this means another relationship with an aunt.
The lesbian relationship : Within six or seven episodes of season two, poor Marisa has developed alcoholism and depression after a summer without Ryan. Drinking from the moment she wakes up, she also tries drugs before deciding to experiment with her sexuality. Despite craving Ryan, she decides she is a lesbian and hooks up with Seth's ex-girlfriend, Alex. This relationship develops at a rate of knots and within an episode Marisa moves in with Alex. Two episodes later and Marisa is back with Ryan, but not before Alex has challenged Ryan to a fight.
        - The Irish Independent picks some of The OC's wildest storylines


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