Art by Arthur Ranson Psi-Judge Cassandra Anderson
Created by John Wagner and Brian Bolland, and developed by Alan Grant
Each artist seems to have a different look for Anderson

As one of Mega-City One's most accomplished Psi-judges, Judge Cassandra Anderson has been involved with many celebrated cases and missions. She came to prominence when brought in to investigate Judge's Death first appearance in Mega-City One. Her powerful Psi mind was a great attraction to the Dark Judge and her possessed her when his corporeal body was destroyed. Subjugated by his will, Anderson was still able to suggest the means of Judge Death's defeat, even though it meant she would be encased in solid Boing forever. In order that the Dark Judge could never escape, she was thus immobilised with Judge Death trapped inside her and her body was placed in the Justice Department's Hall of Heroes.
In fact, Judge Death was released a year later by the other Dark Judges - Fire, Fear and Mortis. Anderson was freed at the same time and, despite her incarceration, was found to be in good health. With Dredd's help she was able to force the Dark Judge to retreat to their own dimension, but Anderson was determined to end their menace once and for all. Dredd and Anderson pursued them to Deadworld and, with the Psi-Judge acting as a conduit for the psychic pain of the Dark Judges' billions of victims, Judge Death, Fear, Fire and Mortis were apparently destroyed.
Cassandra Anderson's next two major challenges both saw her team up with Judge Dredd against seemingly impossible odds. Part of Dredd's hand-picked "Apocalypse Squad", she helped to achieve an unlikely victory over East-Meg One. Shortly after this, Anderson accompanied Judge Dredd on a trip 13 years into their future in Proteus, an experimental time vehicle, Proteus, to investigate the coming doom, predicted earlier by dying Psi-Judge Feyy. Dredd and Anderson found the Mega-City One of 2120 dominated by vampires, zombies and other monsters under the control of an evil being called the Mutant. All of Judge Anderson's past success almost counted for nothing when Judge Dredd managed to influence her into unwittingly freeing the Dark Judges' spirits from their own dimension. Her actions saw her suspended and looking at a stretch on Titan, but she defied her suspension to deal with the evil Judges , banishing them to limbo using some experimental dimension jump devices.
Anderson's suspension was subsequently lifted, allowing her to take on a series of even more dangerous and often quite bizarre cases. Psi-flashes of a wolf troubles her for a while, but this was a warning that East-Meg assassin Orlok was about to be freed from the Iso-cubes by a band of East-Meg "sleeper" agents. Anderson was badly injured by the sleepers, but she was finally able to round them up, Orlok escaped to plot his revenge. His plans were ultimately thwarted by Anderson, but he remained at large.
From first contact with a group of aliens on the look-out for large quantities of salt to an unfortunate monk whose search for Nirvana appeared likely to end with the release of Judge Death from Limbo, Anderson's cases showed no signs of becoming of any less weird over the following months. Meanwhile, she formed a firm friendship with fellow Psi-Judge Corey and their nights on the town helped Cassandra to retain her sanity through a trying period. Judge Corey's suicide, then was a shattering blow for Anderson and her parting sentiments - that she could no longer face using her talents for such ugly purposes - caused Anderson to reconsider her life once more. A trip to Shamballa also brought pain.
Personal matters were temporally put to one side when Judge Death returned once more to transform Mega-City One into a Necropolis. Anderson played a significant part in saving the city. Not long afterwards, Anderson went through a major trauma in the Cursed Earth as one of her earlier memories has been stirred. Unknown to her throughout her adult life , Cassandra Anderson has been abused by her father at the age of three and the first manifestation of her Psi powers had been the murder of her father. The judges at that time has considered her incapable of handling the memory, which why it was buried.
For Anderson the crunch came when she was party to the arrest of Jon Baptiste, a Christian whose pure faith and honest goodness touched her deeply. Baptiste was treated roughly during his interrogation by Judge Goon and Cassandra objected, lashing out at her colleague. Having gone out on a limb for the Christian , his subsequent faked "suicide" was too much for her to take. If this was what being a Judge was all about, she wasn't sure she has a future with the Justice Department.
An unconventional mission to mars followed, during which she encountered an all-powerful alien race and formed an unholy alliance with Orlok. She then tendered her resignation as a Judge. She travelled the universe in search of some meaning to her life and enjoyed freedom she had never experienced as a Judge. Encountering all strange manner of strange creatures on many different worlds, she even ran into Orlok again. Anderson finally decided to return to earth, however, when she received a vague psi-flash warning her of a great catastrophe due to hit Mega-City One. Believing she could make a difference, Anderson requested her badge back and was accepted on a trial basis.
Since she has back full time. (The character development stuff, I think, has been dropped)

There is was even spin-off strip of this spin-off strip, the one-off Judge Corey ( A friend of Anderson, where she commits suicide ) in 2000AD sci-fi special '89
Art by Brian Bolland
Cassandra Captures Judge Death, Art by Brian Bolland
3 picutArt by Mick Austin

Created by John Wagner and Brian Bolland and later developed by Alan Grant, appearances in Judge Dredd written by various Authors.
Various Artists such as Arthur Ranson and David Roach

2000AD progs 150,151,224, 226-228,263-267,269,270,393-400, 402-406, 416-427, 468-478,520-531 ( Hour of the wolf ), [Alan Grant takes over all the writing] 607-609, 612-622,629, 635-647, 657-659, 669, 670, 674-717, 758-763,

Judge Dredd the Megazine Volume 2 # 8,10-11 (Reason to be cheerful ) 14,22-24, ( Jesus syndrome, Art by Arthur Ranson ) #27-37, ( Childhood's end, Art by Kevin Walker ) #50-60, Postcard to Myself #73, Something Wicked #74-80( Art by Charlie Gillespie ), Satan Vol III #1-7, Protest #14 ( Art by Arthur Ranson ).
Moves back to 2000AD. Crusade ( Art by Steve Sampson ) #1050-1061, Danse Macabre #1076, Witch #1087-1089, The Great Debate #1090 ( Art by Steve Sampson ), Lawless #1102-1103, ( Art by Trevor Hairsine/Alan Craddock ), Horror Story #1132-1137 (Art by Steve Sampson), Semper VI #1140 (Art by Steve Sampson)
From prog. 1041 anderson features with Dredd and Orlok in Doomsday, written by John Wagner

Judge Annderson Text Story: Dear Diary by Pete Milligan 2000AD Annual 1988
2000AD annuals 1984,1987,1990; 2000AD winter special 1988; Judge Dredd Annuals 1985-1989; Judge Dredd Yearbook 1993; Judge Dredd Mega-special 1988,1991,1992; 2000AD Sci-Fi Special 1989;Judgement on Gotham

2000AD Graphic Novel : Childhood's End

An Anderson cover by Jason Brashill
From Voyage of the Seeker by Mark Wilkinson

Anderson PSI Following stories all written by Alan Grant (without John Wagner or an acrnyon)
Title Creators Orginally Printing Best of 2000AD monthly Other reprints
Four Dark Judges Grant/Grover & Brett Ewins/Cliff Robinson/Robin Smith 2000AD #416-427 53
The ProssessedR Clark?/Brett Ewins2000AD #468-47860
Hour of the wolfT.B. Grover / Barry Kitson / Jeff Anderson / Will Simpson 2000AD #520-53198
Beyond the voidMick Austin2000AD #612-613106/107
Confessions of a she-devilMick Austin2000AD annual 1990
HeliosDavid Roach 2000AD #614-622114
TriadArthur Ranson2000AD 624-630105
The ProphetDavid Roach 2000AD #645-648114
Screaming SkullDavid Roach2000AD #657-659116
ShamballaArthur Ranson2000AD 700-711Classic 3Fleetway Graphic Novel (91)
EngramAlan Grant/David Roach 2000AD 715-721,763-777118
Jesus SyndromeArthur RansonJD Meg. Vol II 24-26Graphic Novel with Satan [ISBN 0 600 59046 1]
Childhood's EndKevin WalkerJD Meg. Vol II 27-34Graphic Novel [ISBN 0 7493 1998 4]
Other images Bye to dredd, Alien
Voyage of the seekerMark WilkinsonJD Meg. Vol II 376 pages on the back of poster with this issue.
Cassandra and the dragon "the dragon" represents death and creation at the center of the galaxy. (a black hole)
Postcards from the EdgeCharles Gillespie, Steve Sampson, Tony Luke, Arthur Ranson, XusasusJD Meg. Vol II 50-60Cassandra Anderson on wandering from place to place. A series of one-offs.
Postcard to MyselfSteve SampsonJD Meg. Vol II 73
Something WickedSteve Sampson, Charles GillespieJD Meg. Vol II 74-80
SatanArthur RansonJD Meg. Vol III 1-7Graphic Novel [ISBN 0 600 59046 1]
ProtestArthur RansonJD Meg. Vol III 14
Neither the last Megazine story 'Protest' (art by A. Ranson) or following stories in 2000AD have been reprinted
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