Creators of 2000AD

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Colin MacNeil -Artist
He was so inspired by having a drawing published in 2000AD when was a reader, he decided to make a career in comics. First future shock Prog 508. Long standing artist of The Dredd classics=> Our Man in Hondo (#608-611),America, Mechanismo and the 1996 Dredd saga 'The Pit'. Co-created Maelstrom and "shimura" doing the original character designs and the moody second series. Spend a few years working on Games Workshop's "WarHammer. Back drawing 2000AD strips with Missonary Man, Satanus (#1041-), Delvin Waugh
Cover of 2000AD special edition #2 - 39kB JPG

Paul Marshall -Artist
First future shock in Prog 306 (prog 627). A Monkey's Tale, prog 647 (10/7/89) story by Alan Grant, art by Paul Marshall. Later on
Firekind ( #828-840 ), Tyranny Rex after the departure of Mark Buckingham. Since then he drew a number of Judge Dredd from DarkSide to prog. 1287

Brendan McCarthy - Artist/Designer
Brendan McCarthy ( younger brother of Jim, below ) is an innovative artist who has worked for both small and adventurous independent publishers as well as major companies.
He has created the look for several series (including Zenith in 2000AD), a well as illustrating episodes of Judge Dredd, Shade the Changing Man ( for DC ) and the Extremist.
A frequent collaborator with writer
Peter Milligan, two of their Best works have recently reached a wider audience. The controversial graphic novel Skin (was first to be published in 'Crisis' in 1989) was finally published after waiting several years to find a home, while the multi-textured Rogan Gosh ( first serialised in Fleetway's late, lamented Revolver monthly ) has just been collected by DC. He is also responsible for the designs of various world Judges uniform in 2000AD's Judge Dredd, these include the Hondo-Cit (Japanese) Judges, the Oz (Australian) Judges, the Brit-Cit (British) Judges and the fanatical quasi-religious, Judda.
Brendan McCarthy began his TV/Film career in the late 70's on ATV's "Dan Dare" and has run parallel with his career in comics ever since. His job on Dan Dare was to oversee the show's production on the style and visual side, the basic premise was that live actors were electronically keyed onto backgrounds. This style was later used on another comic-strip to TV adaptation, "Jane". Dan Dare featured James Fox as Dare, Rodney Bewes with silver hair as Digby and for one glorious moment, Johnny Rotten as the Mekon. Other comic artists that worked on Dare were Brett Ewins and Brain Bolland who did such a good job of adapting Dare to the small screen that original Dan Dare artist, Frank Hampson said they were capturing the spirit of his 50's Dare beautifully. Unfortunately the show was canceled before airing, Lew Grade kept creaming profit off ATV to pour into various projects, including the mega flop "Raise the Titanic" which resulted in making ATV bankrupt.
Disillusioned with seeing a year of work going down the tubes, Brendan took the redundancy money he received from ATV, packed a small bag and took a very long walk around the world. After passing through Egypt, the Himalayas, Bangkok and Los Angeles he finally ended up in Sydney were he landed the job of drawing animation layouts for Hanah-Barbera, including "Yogi Bear". He became increasingly bored with this and found a new company who were producing a 13 half hour Sci-fi animation series for the Arabian home market and ended up designing and directing the show. Six month later he moved into making commercials for Sydney TV.
His greatest regret from his time in Sydney was not been able to work on Mad Max 2, which was in production at the time. Instead with the help of long time collaborator, Peter Milligan he put together a film proposal for a 'Mad Max goes surfing' movie, called "Freakwave" (later turning into a comic). Although they were able to get the proposal to directors like Russell Mulachey and Ridley Scott they failed to get a bite, but as a result of the proposal both of them received offers to work on other films.< br> Since then Brendan has produced storyboard and design work for such films as, Highlander 2, Enemy Mine, Pinocchio (New Line), Razorback, Mr Wonderful, New Babylon, Loch Ness, Teenage Mutant Turtles, Coneheads, Dream Demon, The Bride, Justice 2500, Lost in Space, The Borrowers, Wind in the Willows and the live action Thunderbirds movie currently in production. Plus he has also worked on TV series such as Jim Henson's The Storyteller, and worked extensively with Canadian Computer Animation Company, Mainframe Entertainment creating characters for Reboot, Webworld, War Planets and Werid-Ohs.
He has also worked on various music videos, including videos by Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Def Leppard, Bryan Adams. Plus umpteen TV commercials from the Andex Puppy ads, Budweiser, Dr Peppers and Phillips adverts to the Aids campaign commercials staring John Amiel. Several of his own projects are currently in development including Totem, Metal City PD, Subterrania, Doctor Dream, Admiral Polo and Zyboria. Two of his projects, Horrorville and Z-men have been optioned for commercial Hollywood movies.
Brendan McCarthy is currently living in Australia, co-writing and designing the new Mad Max movie (#4) with original Mad Max director George Miller.

Jim McCarthy - Artist
Was reincarnated in London. Latin style congo-bongo skanks with groups were the order of the day until art school daze beckoned. At Ealing College from 1972-75, experiments with animation, print, collage and fabrics incorporated comics material. Reality called and he found himself in Europe for three years, working as an industry training cartoonist, with a penchant for Drums, Ditko and dinero.
Bad company, his first venture into the comics renaissance, has been followed by work on Future Shocks and being co-creator of Bix Barton ( again with Pete Milligan ) and Grudgefather. Kid Cyborg ( #972-979 )

L. McCormack-Sharpe - Artist
ABC warriors (#1237-1239)

John McCrea -Artist
Middenface McNulty for Vol I JD Meg. Long-time
Garth Ennis collaborator with fellow Belfastman. They worked on Troubled Souls, A few more troubles, (both for Crisis). Now draws for D.C. Comics, his works include Batman Chronicles, Legends of the DarkKnight, Hitman (most widely known for) and Dicks.

Alan McKenzie -Writer/Editor [aka MAC 2]
He was Group Editor at Marvel UK, before going freelance as a writer for Battle and 2000AD with future shock
Bradley followed by Universal Solider ( Prog 537-543, 672, 750-759 ) and Luke Kirby .
"Then 2000AD editor Steve MacManus took a sabbatical, leaving Richard Burton in charge... I volunteer to fill in for the 3 months of Steve's extended holiday, and I've been here ever since."
The above was taken from a letter by Alan McKenzie to Comics International.
Brigand Doom ( created with Dave D'Antiquis ), Kelly's Eye ( revival of mid-70's comics character who reappeared in the last series of Universal Solider )
RAM Raiders ( Prog 980-989, 990-992 ). From prog 921 he left 2000AD editorial staff.
He also wrote the definitive book "How to draw and sell comic strips" (ISBN 0-356-13879-8)
And also has a web-site @

Mike McMahon - Artist
Mike McMahon is one of 2000AD's most influential artists, with echoes of his work on the classic early episodes of
Dredd evident in dozens of subsequent interpretations, it was McMahon's first professional work out of art college and he was told to copy Carlos Ezquerra's style. Although Carlos Ezquerra created the look of Dredd, it was McMahon who drew the first adventure to be published, in Prog 2.
The celebrated McMahon style of big boots and crumpled clothes soon developed, making him one of the most popular Dredd artists, along side the polished rendering of Brian Bolland. He also drew stints on Ro-busters, ABC warrior. He co-created the VCs and designed the look of Angel Gang.
But McMahon was not content with repeating himself forever (his last Dredd story for 12 years was the first 2 episodes of 'Block Mania' )and developed a new style when drawing the first, full length series of Slaine. His style has mutated several times since, while his work has mostly been for American comics companies. McMahon projects have included The Last American for Epic and Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight for DC.
He returned to the character he helped make great, drawing a four-part Dredd adventure called Howler for the Judge Dredd Megazine in 1994. Illustrating Sonic The Comic and Vertigo's Tannered Banners
For the IPC censored contribution by McMahon to the Prog. 500 creators commentary see Tharghead revisited.

Mark Millar - Writer
Red Razors (#8-16 JD Meg Vol. II, 72 pages, Silo, Cannon fodder, Summer Offensive of '93 with Grant Morrison and Judge Dredd mostly in '93
Text Story - Flash co-writer Mark Millar

Pete Milligan -Writer
He got started writing in 2000AD's Future Shocks (first in prog. 216). Followed by creating/writing
Sooner or later, The dead, The Freaks, Bad Company, Tribal Memories (Prog. 585-588), Shadows (Prog. 672-681), Hewilgan's Haircut and Bix Barton. Scripted 'Skin' to art and concept of Brendan McCarthy. Rogan Gosh for Revolver and 'Forty winks'. In America he created Strange Days and Johnny Nemo for Eclipse, Enigma, Shade, Changing Man and Animal Man for DC comics and Veto Skreemer and The Minx. An occassional new Bad Company has in 2000AD over past decade but now he spends most of time writing hollywood film screenplays.
Anybody think "Shadows" was one of the strips is the Matrix is based on?

David Milligate -Artist
Image - 66kB, JPG Judge Dredd megazine Vol II #33

Pat Mills -Writer/Editor
The first editor of 2000AD and writer of many popular series including ABC warriors, Nemesis and Sláine.
He also re-wrote the very first published episode of Judge Dredd in 1977 when John Wagner's original draft was deemed too violent. Pat Mills got his start a sub-editor on romance comics for DC Thomson, before going freelance as a writer. His editorial skills remained in high demand and he helped create top titles for fleetway, including Battle (Charlie's War), Action and 2000AD.
With Kevin O'Neill he created Marshall Law and Metalzoic ( Prog 483-492 ), while at the same time helping to launch Fleetway's cutting edge Mature title, Crisis. (The first 15 issues of Crisis had Pat Mill's Third World War in half of each 28page issue).
In America he pens Punisher 2099 and Ravage 2099 for Marvel and Zombie World for DarkHorse.
Almost every story Mills has written has politics stamped all over it none more so than his works in 2000AD, this has meant a mixed reception in some quarters. For six years he worked with co-writer Tony Skinner on ABC warriors, Finn.
Picture of Pat Mills

Grant Morrison -Writer
First Future shock prog. #466. He wrote 2000AD's version of a world with superheros,
Zenith. Writer of the Dan Dare memoirs in Revolver and Bible John in crisis. He later joined up with Mark Millar masterminded the infamous 'Summer Offensive' with such characters as Big Dave. In America for DC Comics Flex Mentallo: Man of Muscle Mystery with Frank Quietly
GrantMorrison.COM - Grant Morrison Comixgraphy

Robbie Morrison -Writer
Started by writing
Judge Hershey: The Not-So-Merry Wives of Windsor and went to write Shimura, Brit-cit Brute and Maelstrom all for Judge Dredd megazine.
Current 2000AD writer.. ongoing Nikolai Dante with Simon Fraser #1035-1049 #1067-1075, #1079-1084, #1101-1110, Vector 13.
Also the mini-series Blackheart which appeared in Dark Horse presents (reprinted in Judge Dredd Megazine). And a graphic novel: White Death.

Alan Moore -Writer
Alan Moore is now one of the most celebrated writers in comics for his intelligent, insightful and innovative work. But, like so many other British scribes , he got his start creating 4 and 5 page mini-masterpieces for 2000AD (the first of which appeared in Prog 170, July 1980, called 'Killer in the Cab' with art by John Richardson). Moore spent two years writing miniature gem
Future Shocks, Time Twisters, Abelard Snazz and various one-offs learning the skills that would bring him talent later, greater recognition. He has often said the years spent penning one-offs were some if the most rewarding times of his career.

Having created so many completes that two reprint albums were devoted to them, Moore finally got to write full-length series for 2000AD, creating Skizz with Jim Baikie and the wonderful Halo Jones with Ian Gibson also Dr & Quinch ( There is a Dr & Quinch dedicated webpage ). From then on he began writing for American companies, producing seminal works like Watchmen for DC and 'The Swamp Thing' before setting up his own imprint for Mad Love, Tom Strong, The league of gentlemen. 'From Hell' with Eddie Campbell, and the Violator mini-series for image.

Steve Moore - Writer
Writer of the every first
future shock in prog 25. Dan Dare (Prog. 12-23), JD: Whitey's Brother JD 1978 Annual, Rick Random (113-118), Agent Rat (prog 213,273,274 )
But he is porbably best remembered for writing Axel Presbuttomn in early 1980's comic warrior using the penname Pedro Henry. In an interview Alan Moore (no relation) desribed Steve Moore as "the guy who taught me how to write comics". Now he has returned to 2000AD for a new series, "Tales of Teleguuth" (from prog 1191)

Jim Murray -Artist
One of the artists to start with Judge Dredd Megazine it was 2 years before he got to paint a series, in hindsight strange as his painted work is superb. Holocaust 12 with
Chris Standley & John Smith. Many Covers, He did an outstanding job painting the entire second book of Judge Dredd/Batman:'Die Laughing', after which DC comics gave him a contract for work in the US. (Sound familiar!)
Cover of Judge Dredd Megazine Vol. III #35, reprinted as enlarged poster with JD Meg Vol.III #55
Halo Jones Art fine print - Printed in 1016, 408x656, jpg file
Jim Murray Interview

Kevin O'Neill -Artist/Writer
Starting as an office boy on Buster, he quickly progressed to art editor on the early issues of 2000AD, before going freelance on such series as
Nemesis the Warlock. He created, wrote, drew BONJO FROM BEYOND THE STARS (progs 41-49) and DASH DECENT ( Progs 178-198 ). Shok!. His anarchic style has brought him the unusual accolade of being banned by America's anodyne Comics Code Authority. A frequent collaborator with Pat Mills, currently drawing Marshall Law in the US. He is now illustrating Alan Moore's The league of Extra-Ordinary Gentlemen and he has revived his writing career with a new character, John Pain!
He returns to 2000AD for Prog 2000.
Ego-Trip -40Kb, 2x1000x511, Book I, prog 227, Torquemada family photo

Dean Ormston -Artist
First appeared in JD mega ( Vol. I, #9 "I singe the body electric" ) and radical new style. Drew the 62 page Dredd Thriller Raptaur & Judgement Day in the JD meg ('91/'92). Since then credits include Sandman Mystery Theatre Annual #1, Fall of the House of Usher, and The Eaters.
Dark Judges. Returned to 2000AD of a one-off(in 1999) followed by Missonary Man.

Steve ParkHouse - Aritst/Writer
Artist in 2000AD: Big Dave (93/94), Luke Kirby (94/95), a couple of Judge Dredd (2001). Happenstance and Kismet in Revolver and Crisis
Writer: MoonRunner (1989).

Nick Percival - Artist
Sláine, Sleaze & Ryder in JD Meg Vol II

Mike Perkins - Artist
A Man Called Fear, 1995 Yearbook (Sept. 1994). Story by Martin Conaghan, Case Nine: Blackout, prog 973 (Jan. 1996), Carver Hale #1236-#1240,#1247=>.

Tim Perkins - Artist
Luke Kirby - The Dark Path, 1990 Sci-Fi Special (Jul. 1990). Story by McKenzie, art by Ridgway & Tim Perkins. The Price, prog 972 (Dec. 1995). Story by McKenzie, art by John Ridgway & Tim Perkins. The Undeath Project, 1991 Rogue Trooper Annual (Nov. 1990). Story by Fleisher, art by Cam Smith, Tim Perkins, Junker
Future Shock:
A Peace of Paper

Sean Philips -Artist
Sean began his comics career at the age of 15 in 1980 with Bunty.
He has brillant work in both
Crisis' [Third World War, New Statesman, Staitgate] and Judge Dredd Megazine [ co-creator of Armitage and Devlin Waugh ]. Last 2000AD work in 1126.
In america -> Hellblazer, Shade, The Changing Man, Kid Eternity
Images: Third World War Azania,Who's who

Dermot Power -Artist
From Dungarvan, Ireland, he started with
'Juve Mutated Kung Fu Kleggs' for 2000AD special Sci-fi Special 1991, although he did a Judge Dredd computer game advert for C64 and Amiga!. He painted Judge Dredd: Book of the Dead #859-867, Slaine and . Now works in the movie industry - designed TV series Merlin, Jim Henson productions. high-end art for Star Wars (including episode two), John Boorman.. sometimes paints cover art. See short interview

David Pugh - Artist

Steve Pugh - Artist
Artist for first Garth Ennis strontium dogs featuring FERAL
see more the
steve pugh's web-site

Frank Quitely -Artist
First published work was in the Scottish humour comic Electric Soup. Followed acclaimed work in JD Megazine,
shimura prologue story and Missionary Man he showed his talent for capturing a moment of violence such as this example. He created missionary man with Gordon Rennie and Blackheart ( JD Meg. Vol. III #39-#41 ) with Robbie Morrison. Since leaving the Megazine he has working for DC Comics, illustrating Grant Morrison's Flex Mentallo: Man of Muscle Mystery and Jamie Delano's 2020 Visions. He currently working on a JLA graphic novel with Grant Morrison. [And Frank Quitely is a pen-name]
Inaba - 84KB

Arthur Ranson -Artist
He started drawing the Beatles in the 1960s, ( SAPPHIRE & STEEL in 1979) progressed to animation Count Duckula in the 80s (Remember the vampire duck who didn't like blood) Has worked on many
PSI Anderson on done brillant job of drawing the wierd goings-on in a detailed realistic style, as well as co-creating Button Man with John Wagner, The first creator owned series in 2000AD, and recently another creator owned series 'Mazeworld' with Alan Grant.
An example of his PSI anderson work..Shamballa,Satan

Nigel Raynor -Artist
Pulp Sci-fi #1160,
Pussyfoot5, Sinister Dexeter #1203-1205

Jesus Redondo -Artist
2000AD in the early years.. works include ..Project Overkill (119-126), Return to Armageddon (182-218), Nemesis Book II: The Alien Alliance (246-257), The mind of Wolfie Smith (162-177) and Future Shocks
In Prog 1201 (July 2000) he returned to draw "Missonary Man" still in Black&White after 18 years!

Gordon Rennie -Writer
First wrote for the short livied Blast! mag. White Trash. Created with
Frank Quietly Missonary Man in Judge Dredd Megazine and now transfered to 2000AD. Witchworld (#1052-1062), Glimmer Rats (Prog 2000, #1174-#1182) and other stories in 2000AD . Also writes for Warhammer

Gordon Rennie

Wayne Reynolds - Artist
Slaine,Pulp-Scifi,Judge Dredd

John Ridgway - Artist
Many Dredd including Dead Man, Luke Kirby, Darkness Visible by Nick Abadzis
A biog @ The Bablyon 5 Wrap Party: John Ridgeway

Keef Ripley - Pename for John Wagner
Used for the DEAD MAN ( #650-662 ) so as not give the identity of Dead Man away.

David Roach - Artist
Anderson - PSI division, Helios, Screaming Skull, Engram ( 712-717, 758-763) Nemesis Book VIII - Purity's Story, (558-566)
Image - 116kB, 840x478x16 Gif

Cliff Robinson - Artist
Clean, crisp style. He done many classic Dredd covers, but he has also drawn many Dredd episodes (from 1984 to 2001). Also 'Anderson, Mother Earth and one-offs. examples are found on the
Judge Dredd page and the Judge Death page
Chopper Classic image of escaping mega-city one.
Judge Dredd - Image 80 kb
Pup Fiction page1 - page2

Hillary Robinson - Writer
Started on
future shocks. Before getting her a series Zippy Couriers (Prog 610-611, 613, 618, 622, 641-642, 665-669) and then two series Medivac 318 ( Prog 619-640, 683-694 ), Survivor ( 639-644 ) [ featuring Henry Moon from Mean Team ] and Chronos Carnival ( 676-681, 695-699 ). Then disappeared.

Alex Ronald - Artist
Judge Dredd, Artist for
Missonary Man since it crossed over to 2000AD.

R-MC2 - Penname for Brendan McCarthy

Steve Sampson - artist
Brit-cit Babes (#16-20 JD Meg Vol. I), Anderson 'Crusade'

Liam Sharp - Artist
PJ Maybe
Liam Sharp @ creative interests

Siku - Artist
Fetish and co-creator of Pan African Judges for Judge Dredd Megazine.[ Real name : Ajibayo Akinsiku ], His work on Judge Dredd as being highily stylied and not to everybodies liking. His latest Judge Dredd:"The revenge of Trapper Hag" (2000AD #1065-1066) saw a changed style which I for one prefer. Currentily he the regular artist of Tales of Telguuth
Tale of Mega City One -
Jpg file, 89Kb

Will Simpson -Artist
Vamps for Vertigo, Rogue Trooper, Tyranny Rex, Tale of the Dead man, Witchworld and
Tales of mega city one for 2000AD

Si Spurrier - Writer
Regular on 2000Ad mailing list, wrote for the Judge Dredd Fanzine "Class of '79" then broke through to 2000AD itself on Future Shocks (#1262,
#1267). Currently writting Ben & Kawl

Malcolm Shaw - Writer
Early Dredd writer, Return To Armageddon (progs #185-218).

Skaky 2000 / Skaky Kane - Artist/creator
Creator of Space Boss in Deadline. Artist for the "Love 'em or Loath 'em" Soul Sisters in megazine ( I hated it ). Went on to create the weird 'Soul gun warrior' and 'Soul gun assassin' in 2000AD.
Shaky Kane fan-site

John Smith - Writer
Another graduate of the Future Shocks preparatory school ( first in Prog. 473 ), John Smith has developed into Britain's most challenging and inventive writers, with a unique style of writing that sometimes pure poetry. For 2000AD he created
Tyranny Rex, and Indigo Prime ( which started as a Future Shock ). The epic saga 'New Statesman' and Staitgate in Crisis'. , Danzig's Inferno ( 718-719 with S. Philips ), Revere (with Simon Harrison) and Firekind ( winner of Best weekly strip award 1993 from Comics Creators Guild ) and Slaughterbowl for 2000AD
Devlin Waugh for Judge Dredd Megazine (now transfered to 2000AD) and the Delvin Waugh epic lead in spin-off PussyFoot 5 [Prog #1183-1188]
Hardly prolific, since Smith has written for 2000AD since '87 ( Only producing Scarab for American DC comics ). He also written Dredd stories, Darkside (#1016-1028) among a few others and for JD megazine Fetish. Then two featuring Angels A love like blood (2000AD #1243-) and From Grace (2000AD #1356-)

Ron Smith- Artist
Started as artist on 'Deed A Day Danny' in 1949! (Born in 1924) Many
Dredd ( one of the four artists who worked on the classic Block Mania ), Rogue Trooper, Survivor, Chronos Carnival, Chopper.
Rogue Trooper Prog 700, 57kB from prog 1021

SMS - Artist
Mysteriously named artist. Who did the art for about 1/3 episodes on the classic
ABC Warriors: Black Hole
Here is one of SMS's pages of artwork => Image, 763x1028,JPG,275kB

Staccato - A penname for Alan Grant

Paul Staples -artist
Paul Jeacock entry

Greg Staples - Artist
Brillant work on
Venus and Rogue Trooper. Many Judge Dredd stories ncluded Babes in Arms('92) also Sláine and S&D.
IMAGE, (1239x1727 JPG)

Chris Standley - Writer
Creator of Holocaust 12 (with
John Smith) and Harmony both in Judge Dredd Megazine and co-wrote some of the earlier Tyranny Rex.

Sonny Steelgrave - A pen-name used when writing Judge Dredd in 1994 by Alan McKenzie Progs 886-888 and with John Tomlinson Progs 873-878, 881-883

Dave Stone - writer
Amitage,Tracer ( art by Paul Peart ) - Dave Stone CV

Subliminal Kid
A penname for
Brendan McCarthy

Lee Sullivan - Artist
Robocop,Doctor Who. For 2000AD Future shocks, Judge Dredd:THE PIT and Mercy Heights BookII

Bryan Talbot - Artist
Nemesis (Book V won an Eagle Award, IMAGE) and Judge Dredd for 2000ad.
The created, wrote and drew the Luther Arkwright saga in the 1980s. Writer and artist of multi-award winning The Tale of the One Bad Rat
Visit The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage, Byran Talbot

Steve Tappin - Artist
Artist on Rogue Trooper then
Slaine in 1996->1998, including Grail war. Also Judge Dredd in 2000AD and Judge Meg (first 3.35, last 3.55)

Dylan Teague - Artist
Started with Vector 13 (prog #1060), Inaba in Judge Dredd Megazine (Vol 3. #37-38), then Pulp Sci-fi (Prog #1099, Prog #1131) then the Pulp-Sci spin-off Rose O'Rion, and Sinister Dexter (prog #1189-)

John Tomlinson aka Automatom-Linson - Writer/Editor
Creator/Writer of Armoured Gideon back in 1989,
Mercy Heights (#1033-1047), Space Girls (#1062-1066). He also served a period as editor of 2000AD progs #915 to #977

Q. Twerk - Pen-name for Ian Gibson

Tom Tully - Writer
Writer of many early 2000AD including Dan Dare,Harlem Heroes and Mean Arena in 2000AD. Mind of Wolfie Smith in 2000AD and Tornado. Also The Steel Slaw for Valiant.

Tise Vahimagi - Writer
Dry Run ( Prog #688-699), This slash-em-up of dubious quality was only 2000AD story by this TV critic and reference book writer.

Vanyo -artist
Mind of the Wolfie Smith in 1979 and Judge Dredd in prog #601,613,646,723-726

John Wagner - Writer
With Pat Mills he helped found classic new comics of 1970s, including Battle, Action and 2000AD itself. A true creator, his offspring include
Strontium dog, Ace Trucking, Robo-Trucking, Brit-cit babes, The Outcasts ( many of these with frequent co-writer Alan Grant ) and, most significantly of all, Judge Dredd. Wagner was born in Pennsylvania in 1949, moving to Scotland later, perhaps explaining why Dredd is an American character in a British comic.
Wagner has written thousands of pages of Dredd adventures, infusing the future world with an environment of more depth than virtually any other comic. His work has frequently been truly prophetic ( rising crime, unemployment, more laws and tougher policing ... this reaches its extreme in Mega-City One ) and remains at the peak of his creative powers after over decades.
The wagner & grant writing partnership broke-up during the OZ epic in 1988, over should Judge Dredd let Chopper go or not..(although the troubled mini-series The Last American for Marvel/epic was around the same time) for In 1990 Wagner and Grant started Judge Dredd Megazine for first time a slice of the profits. And with Al's Baby ( with Carlos Ezquerra ), The first creator owned series in a fleetway editions comic. the Bogie Man ( with Alan Grant ), and Chain gang for DC. as well as co-creating Button Man with Arthur Ranson With Alan Grant he is a consultant to the Judge Dredd Megazine and his writing is responsible for a large part of its success. He has returned as regular of Dredd in 2000AD in '94. 'I was a teenage tax consultant' and Ball Brothers continues John Wagner's trend of writing fiction like Button Man and getting it published in 2000AD, even without the sci-fi/fantasy. John Wagner is the sole Judge Dredd writer at the moment.

Kevin Walker -Artist/Writer
Started with Future Shocks in Prog 599, then he drew John Smith's Rogue Trooper story 'Nu-Earth Flashback', then he went to draw with
Steve Dillon the epic return of the Harlem Heroes.
He became the regular ABC warriors artist painting the whole series from 1991-1995. Creator of Inspectre for JD Megazine (with co-writer Jim Campbell). Since work has included the excellent Dredd stories Fast Food (#1054-1057) and Sin City (#1289-1299), also in 2000AD: Mercy Heights, Ball Brothers, Tor Cyan. As well as other freelance work as such War Hammer Monthly).
Images: ABC warrior cover Prog 781
Anderson on mars, Judge Dredd Starscan, 101KB JPG file, incubus.jpg.

Calum Alexander Watt - Artist
Rogue Trooper (96), R.A.M. RAIDERS (96),
Judge Dredd (97), Sinister & Dexter (98,99)

Chris Weston -Artist
Much work on
Indigo Prime and co-created in Cannon Fodder('93 & '96). And various other 2000AD artwork but in colour and black & white, you should should have not problem recognising his distinctive style. Also John Smith's Leatherjack, Swamp Thing, Grant Morrison's Invisibles. He has been asked to lead off with one of the first series in DC's new science fiction line.
Image - 2x280x435

Win Wiacek - Writer
Future Shocks/one-offs (Prog #544,#553,#557,#747,#949) [87-95]
Peace of Paper

Mark Wigmore - Artist
2000AD: first Outlaw prog. 1003 (Aug. 1996), last Sinister Dexter (Aug. 1998)
Image: Sinister Dexter:
Headcase prog 1032 (Mar. 1997)

Mike White - Artist
Over a dozen future shocks (Prog #207 - #591),Mean Arena, Rick Random and Agent Rat

Steve White - Writer
Rogue Trooper, Black light frequently co-writing with
Dan Abnett

Mark Wilkinson -Artist
Cover artist,
something in the airbrush-Full web-site with much art
Anderson Cover - Picture from From Voyage of the Seeker

Anthony Williams - Artist
Kola Kommandos, Big Dave, Robo-Hunter,
Babe Race 2000, Mean Arena with Alan McKensie in 2000AD (from '91 to '95). Currently drawing for WarHammer, although has Judge Dredd in Prog. 1225

Nik Willams - Artist
Indigo Prime

Rob Williams - Writer
first series "
family in Judge Dredd Megazine #201.

Brian Williamson -Writer/Artist
Future Shock in '92 (Both writer and artist, unless seperate people), Writer of Urban Strike ('95), Vector 13 ('95/'96)

Ben Willsher - Artist
Pulp Sci-fi prog 1128
[IMAGE 74kB JPG 385x554] (colours by Alan Craddock), prog. 1130

Colin Wilson -Artist
Judge Dredd artist from the early eighties. Returning to 2000AD in prog 1119 to do Pulp Sci-fi and Judge Dredd (
doomsday)followed by co-creating Rain Dogs.
An example of his work from Prog 209 => Judge Dredd: Body Sharks 62kB JPG.

Ashley Wood - Artist
After working on 'Dark Horse Down Under'. He worked on Judge Dredd megazine on Skar #73-76, JD Mega. Vol. II, he was lined-up to be the artist on the JD:"Fetish" epic but was 'too slow'. He is now mainly a cover artist in USA. ABC-warriors pin-up in Prog 2001, was his last work in 2000AD group. See AshleyWood.Com

Steve Yeowell -Artist
Best known for being the artist on all four phases of
Zenith in 2000AD, The new adventures of Hilter in Crisis'' and Red Razors in Judge Dredd Megazine. Also in 2000AD - Black Light and the comic strip adaptation of the movie, "A life less ordinary". He did sterling work for the 1999 six month Devlin Waugh epic in 2000AD.

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Oi!What about the letterers?

Most artists have unique styles so seeing a few pieces of their work, such as shown here shown help you to regonise another piece of their art, except where there are radical styles changes.