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Extracts from "My Life as a Dog", The autobiography of Johnny Alpha, as told to Mike Butcher.

I WAS born in 2150, just after the Great War that left Britain a nuclear wasteland with only 30% survivors.
[IMAGE of Johnny Alpha] by Kevin Walker from 2000AD winter special #1 My mother was Diana Kreelman. I guess you could say that my father was a freak strontium storm that she was caught in before I was born.
That was what caused my mutation and changed my life before it had even begun.
Unfortunately, my real father was much worse than any radioactive storm. He was Nelson Bunker Kreelman, Civic Leader in New Britain's South West Sector and pioneer of the harsh new anti-mutant legislation.
Not suprisingly, I never saw even-to-eye with my father. There were far too many alpha waves coming from my eyes for his liking. He kept my mutant eyes a closely-guarded secret, as he built his political career on ever more rabid mutant bashing.
I was practically confined to the house throughout my early childhood. No-one told me I was a mutant. I really believed I had a dangerous eye condition that could prove fatal if ever exposed to the light.
It was only when I had to attend school that I discovered the truth about my eyes. Some of the pupils decided to rough me up a bit and pull off my special goggles.
They regretted picking on me when they say what was underneath. Me, I was delighted. I wasn't dead. In fact I had special powers I'd never dreamt of.
I rushed off to tell my dad. I thought he's be delighted, too. Fat chance! He was furious. If word got out about my mutation his career would've been over, so he made me a prisoner at home.
That's when I truly learnt to hate my father. I'd always felt he resented me for some reason. Now I knew why - I was a mutant.
He'd fought long and hard to pass laws that made it illegal for mutants to own anything, to work, or even to live among 'norms'. All along, he'd had a mutant living under his own roof'.
I decided to escape from my father's house. I'd heard stories about a rebel Mutant Army, fighting for mutant rights, l figured that if joined them I might be able to put right some of the terrible things Kreelman had done.
I suppose I must have seemed pretty crazy to the rebels. there I was, 12 years old and full of hate, begging to join to roughest, toughest band in the South West Sector.
I couldn't even tell them who I was. I said my name was Johnny Alpha, and they accepted me into their ranks.
Kreelman was happy to believe that I was dead, while I swiftly became a leading figure in the Mutant Army. I led my first guerrilla raid at the age of 14 and by 2167 1 was second-in-command of the whole unit.

But then our struggle became all the more desperate. Kreelman set up the Mutant Labour Camps, where mutants were subjected to slave labour and horrendous living conditions.

The Mutant Armies from all the different sectors of New Britain held a joint meeting and we discussed tactics for war! It was decided we should attack the floating fortress at Upminister and try to seize control of the Government. Despite heavy losses, we won. Unfortunately Kreelman escaped and then forced us to surrender by threatening to kill 100 mutants every hour. We thought surrender was the best option, as the King and Prime Minister seemed a little sympathetic to our cause. However we reckoned without the depth of my father's influence and I was sentenced to death, along with the other mutant generals. Then the Mutant Extermination Bill was passed and we had to fight back.

Ironically, it was my sister whom I hadn't seen for years, who played a key part in my father's downfall. First she helped me and the other generals escape our execution.
art by Colin MacNeil Then she revealed the truth about Kreelman's mutie son to the Prime Minister and King. This game them the ammunition they needed to discredit my father and force him to resign.
The Mutant Army did the rest. We struggled hard to cause maximum disruption to the Mutant Extermination Programme.
The Prime Minister was keen to settle with us so the Bill was abolished, my father's secret police, the Kreelers were disbanded and new areas were set out where mutants could live in peace.

We were a long way from equality with the 'norms', but the Kreelman era was over. I was exiled off-planet, which suited me. I'd had enough of Earth and the people who lived there. Then the Galactic Crime Commission set up an agency for interplanetary bounty hunters, or Search/Destroy Agents. It was a dirty and dangerous job, ideal for mutants,' according to the 'norms'.
I joined right away. It wasn't long before we were known by our more common name - the Strontium Dogs!

The above character profile appeared in Judge Dredd Megazine #4 Vol. 2 ( by Mike Butcher ), and is based on the feature in Judge Dredd Annual 1991

Strontium Dog Prog Check

Strontuim Dog first appeared in StarLord from Issue #1 until merged with 2000AD (after 2000AD in Prog 86) 2000AD => 89-94,104-118, 178-179,200-221,224-233,335-345,350-359,363-385, 416-436,445-467,469-499,505-529,532-536,540-553,560-573,580-587,( The final Solution starts ) 600-606, 615-621, 636-647, 682-687. (Death of Johnny Alpha)
Afterwards appeared in Incident at the end of the World 2000AD annual 1991, Top Dogs in Judge Dredd annual 1991, then 1992 Judge Dredd epic 'Judgement Day' epic.
Starting in the Prog 2000AD special, John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra re-united to bring Strontuim Dog back to its roots The stories featured Johnny Alpha but set before previous stories and with narrative from a historian and also in Colour. Then prog 1300 (summer 2002) had Wulf and Johnny Alpha back in old school black & white art. (this image is from prog 1305)

More indexes see 2000AD or Colonel X's 2000AD Guide

Johnny Alpha has appeared in many specials, annuals.
And in the occasionally Judge Dredd crossovers like 'Judgement Day' and 'Top Dog' although well-written, in my opinion these crossovers are don't fit with either timeline.
Tales of The Doghouse
Title_: Chameleon
Prog__: 612
Script: Steward Edwards
Art___: Simon Jacob
Title_: Maeve the Many-armed
Prog__: 617-618
Script: Hilary Robinson
Art___: Simon Jacob

Title_: Ratty
Prog__: 626
Script: Steward Edwards
Art___: Mick Austin

Title_: Niall of the nine Sausages
Prog__: 636-638
Script: Hilary Robinson
Art___: Simon Jacob

Title_: Spud
Prog__: 613
Script: Steward Edwards
Art___: Simon Jacob

Title_: Sting Ray
Prog__: 623-624
Script: Hilary Robinson
Art___: Simon Jacob

Title_: Moosey
Prog__: 649
Script: Steward Edwards
Art___: Ron Smith

Other Strontium Dogs
The tales of remaining Strontium dogs after 'The Final Solution' in particular Red Durham, MiddenFace McNulty and Feral
Feral was first in progs #750-761 (Art by Steve Pugh), Dead man's hand 2000AD Yearbook 93 (Art by Simon Harrison) both written by Garth Ennis
Middenface McNulty : Wan Man an' his Dug (JD Meg. Vol I #15-20, written by Alan Grant/Tony Luke & art by John McCrea, Grimsby & Trevor Carter)
Durham Red got her first series in "Island of the Damned" - written by Alan Grant, Art by Carlos Ezquerra - 2000AD prog. 762-773
The Golden Mile, 1993 Yearbook. (Aug. 1992). Story by Alan Grant, art by Carlos Ezquerra.
. 817-824 ( Gronk ), 855-866 ( Gronk ), 897-899 Crossroads
Durham Red:"Mirrors" ( by Peter Hogan and Mark Harrison ) 2000AD #901-903 (Aug. to Sep. 1994),
940-947 High Noon ( by Peter Hogan and Mark Harrison ),Durham Red: Ghosts Winter special '93, 993-999 Hate & War, Durham Red:Diners, 1995 Sci-Fi Special (July 1995)Durham Red : Night of the Hunters ( by Alan Smitte & Mark Harrison ) #1000-1006, Durham Red : Epicedium #1007, Deals 1016- ( by Peter Hogan )

Durham Red : The scarlet cantos 1078-1089,(by Dan Abnett & Mark Harrison ) 78 page saga., Durham Red: Mark of the Red Death (Abnett & M. Harrison), Durham Red: Mask of the Red Death, prog 1111 (10 pgs.) (Sep. 1998). Story by Abnett, art by Harrison, Durham Red: The Empty Suns, prog 1362 (Oct 2003) Story by Abnett, Art by Harrison

Durham Red, art by Mark Harrison

Durham Red is currently the best of original strontium dog characters ( introduced in prog 505, with Johnny Alpha in the 25 part epic "Bitch", by Alan Grant and Carlos Ezquerra ) currently drawn by Mark Harrison.

The story Durham Red: Scarlet Cantos was a major change for Strontuim Dog saga. Dan Abnett and Mark Harrison took the character 1000 years forward.. and so needed new designs. Here is some of Mark Harrison's Durham Red Sketchs [A 82kB JPG image, that went around the 2000AD mailing lists]


Name: Durham Red
Status:Mutant Vampire
Trademark: Durham Red possesses fang and requires a daily intake of blood, but is unaffected by the traditional banes of supernatural vampires. Neither sunlight nor crosses can harm her; and she just loves garlic

Dateline: Year 809 of the Pan-Species Accord.
Backstory: Durham Red grew up in the Milton Keynes mutant ghetto on Earth in the 22nd Century. Even among her peers she was an outcast because of her unique genetic mutation: vampirism. Like many mutants she used her special talent to escape the ghetto by becoming a bounty hunters for the Search/Destroy Agency, a Strontium Bitch. But afters years of watching her killing to survive and watching her friends and lovers die, Durham Red grew tired of living. She put herself in suspensed animation, not knowing it would be more than a millennia before she would awaken...

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