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2000AD is a weekly Science Fiction/Fantasy Magazine in comic format. Which was started in 1977 and has continued with only six week gap for the last twenty-three years. Although it started as pure science-fiction the introduction of Sláine (in 1985) changed than notion slightly. ( recently Button Man,Mazeworld )
The first issue was called Programme ( or Prog. for short ) 1 and this has continued to the present day after over 1360 weekly issues, mostly 32 pages each. ( features such as in Prog. 1000's supplement and specials give a full history of 2000AD. )
This web-site is completely unoffical. And is based around my favourite stories from 2000AD and related magazines. It's quite big so wander around. 2000AD has a breeding for great comics writers and artists and has a number of related titles come and go, most of which are mentioned below.

[2000AD has remained called titled 2000AD before, during and after the year of 2000AD]
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Click Here for Dredd stuff, [This pic by John Higgins]
Mega-city One
, Judge Anderson, Judge Death, Judge Dredd, Chopper, Fink Angel, Devlin Waugh, Shiruma...

- Strontium Dog -Johnny Alpha, [pic by Carlos Equerra]
Strontium Dogs

Nemesis, Click Here [Pic by Byran Tablot]
The warlock.

One off stories, Future Shocks, Hewilgan's Haircut, Zenith , Rogue Trooper and others, Tyranny Rex, Indigo Prime, Tao Moto, Hap Hazzard

other main pages... Creators, FAQ, JD Character Profiles, interviews - Crisis
2000AD related articles from PCFormat - Irish Times

Halo Jones, [Pic by Ian Gibson]
Halo Jones

Click here for Slaine, [Pic by Glenn Fabry]

ABC Warriors - Hammerstein, [Pic by Steve Dillon]
ABC Warriors

Bad Company, [Pic by Brett Ewins]
Bad Company

Richard Dolan's image of thillpower at work, click for larger version
Text Stories
Armitage: Dowager Duchess of Ghent by Dave Stone
Devlin: Body and Soul by John Smith
Devlin: Love like Blood by John Smith
Indigo Prime: Loa in the machine by John Smith
Indigo Prime: Requiem by John Smith
Judge Anderson: Dangerous Game by Mark Millar
Tao Moto: The Baby of the Century by Myra Hancock
Tyranny Rex: Touched by the Hand of Brendan By John Smith
Tyranny Rex: A twist in the tail by John Smith
Judge Fear's Big Day Out by Simon Spurrier
You can also search by writer and artist of work at the Creators page

Tharg's future shocks

Other publications
Judge Dredd Megazine - see the dedicated page for this title that is heavily linked to 2000AD.

Annuals, Yearbooks, specials - 2000AD had regular yearly New Year Hardback ( from 1978 ) and summer paperback sci-fi special ( from 1977 ) and Judge Dredd had a dedicated Annual ( from 1981 ) and mega-specials ( from 1988 ) as well winter specials ( in '88-'90, '92-'95 ).
2000AD annual 1990: Contents Page (art by Richard Dolan?) - Judge Dredd: Headbangers - Judge Anderson: She-Devil (by Alan Grant & Mick Austin)
But all these regular specials suddenly finished in '96. Why? ...ah, Would it be money?. It appears so, as the Prog 200x series in a combination of special with the regular anthology.
2000AD Poster Progs in '93 and '94 including Judge Dredd, Sláine, Nemesis, Rogue Trooper . Massive 594mm X 840mm on one side and 6 page story on the other.
2000AD special edition - rare reprints and features, Only #1,#2 also the "Judge Dredd Special Edition"
2000AD Action Special 1992 featuring the return of pre-2000AD comic favourites such as 'Steel Craw' and 'Kelly's eye'.

Prog 2000 - The special edition 2000AD (Dated from December 15, 1999 -> Janaury 4, 2000 )
Breaking tradition of sequential 2000AD issue numbering. The issue to published on the December 15 1999, will be called Prog 2000, instead of Prog 1174. After this 100 page special, which was the only 2000AD for 3 weeks, the numbering and size when back to normal. In "Prog 2000" were ==>

Prog 2000 - Series
Judge Dredd (2 stories)
A Classic Wagner/McMahon tale
and a great Wagner tribute by Alan Grant
John Wagner
Alan Grant
Cam Kennedy & Chris Blythe
Mike McMahon
Nemesis the Warlock, The last ever!Pat MillsKevin O'Neill
Sláine Pat MillsGreg Staples
ABC Warriors Pat Mills Kevin Walker
Rogue Trooper John Tomlinson Dave Gibbons
Strontium Dog: Kreeler Conspiracy(first episode) John WagnerCarlos Ezquerra
Nikolai Dante Robbie Morrison Simon Fraser
Glimmer Rats (first episode) Gordon Rennie Mark Harrison

Prog 2001 - Series
Judge Dredd - Bad MotherJohn Wagner Cam Kennedy & Chris Blythe
ZenithGrant MorrisonSteve Yeowell
Sinister DexterDan AbnettAndy Clarke & Chris Blythe
Tharg the mightyHenry Flint
Button Man IIIJohn WagnerAlan Ranson
Bad CompanyPete MilliganBrett Ewins and Jim McCarthy
Nikolai Dante Robbie Morrison John Burns
Necronauts (first episode)Gordon RennieFrazing Irving
Strontium DogJohn WagnerCarlos Ezquerra
Plus Feature: The power of creation. Series Info: Halo Jones, Robo-hunter

Prog 2002 - Series
Judge Dredd - Slick on the job
Judge Dredd - The Student Prince
John Wagner
Gordon Rennie
Greg Staples
Cam Kennedy & Chris Blythe
Memento (Sci-fi class without any words)Bryan TalbotBryan Talbot
Sinister DexterDan AbnettAnthony Willams & Chris Blythe
Bad Company (part one)Pete MilliganBrett Ewins & Jim McCarthy
Nikolai Dante (part one) Robbie Morrison Simon Fraser & Alison KirkPatrick
Storming Heaven (part one)Gordon RennieFrazing Irving
Shakara (part one)Robbie MorrisonHenry Flint
Plus Feature: Thargs's Top 10 of thrill Power (10 pages. Series Info: Ro-Busters, The VCs

Prog 2003 - Series
Judge Dredd/Aliens - IncubusJohn Wagner & Andy Diggle Henry Flint & Chris Blythe
The VCs: escher's wellDan AbnettAnthony Williams
Rogue Trooper: AngelsGordon RennieSimon Coleby
Slaine (part one)Pat MillsClint Langley
Nikolai Dante: Hell and high water (The young dante) (part one) Robbie Morrison John Burns
Caballistic, inc. (part one)Gordon RennieDom Reardon
Sinister & Dexter (text story)Dan AbnettSB Davis
Plus Feature: Best 2000AD covers, creators' choice
A feature on the upcoming game Dredd Versus Death
Series Info: Indigio Prime

Crisis - Political/Adult comic from 2000AD stable (#1 Sept 1988 - #63 October 1991)

Diceman - 2000ad's experiment in role-playing comics. 5 issues were published including Sláine:Ring of Danu and ABC warriors (edited by Simon Geller, most stories by Pat Mills)

Dice Man: 1, Jan 1986 - 5, Oct. 1986.

1) Judge Dredd, Nemesis and Sláine
2) ABC Warriors, Diceman and Sláine
3) Rogue Trooper, Diceman and Sláine
4) Diceman and Sláine
5) Rogue Trooper, Ronald Reagen and Diceman

Infomation source : La Placa Rifa,  W. R. Logan.
( Role-playing also appeared in 2000AD, Sláine : Tomb of Terror. )

ROGUE Trooper - Has got his own specials, 100% Trooper, a Hardback annual in 1991 (ISBN 1-85386-171-5) and Summer Special in Aug. 96. There have also have been Strontium Dogs and Midnight Surfer Specials

Judge Dredd Novels : including Deathmasques by Dave Stone, The Savage Amusement by David Bishop, Dreddlocked by Stephen Marley... All Published by Virgin

2000AD Fanzines
Judge Dredd: Class of '79 by W.R. Logan. It had 2 successful issues published before going web-based.
Strontuim Dog(s): Dog Breath

2000AD Exterme100 page reprints

Best of 2000AD Monthly lasted 10 years ( from October 1985 -> August 1995, 119 issues) showcasing the best of 2000ad then they changed the name to 'Classic 2000AD' at the time of release of The Judge Dredd movie, and after 15 months it had disappeared. (Issue #15)
Index to The Best of 2000AD Monthly
A similar feat meet Complete Judge Dredd, renamed Classic Judge Dredd. It started to reprint all Judge Dredd stories from Prog 2, ( about 11 episodes a issue Priced from 90p to £1.25 a good way get classics like "The day the law died" #8-10, "Block Mania/Apocalypse War" #23-25 Complete Judge Dredd ) but only got to the OZ epic ( #15 Classic Judge Dredd )
Additionally there have been 3 issues of 'Best of 2000AD special edition'. First 2 printed in 1993 and 1994 featured a mix of colour annual/specials stories and short series such as 'Chopper: Soul on Fire' and 'Tribal Memories' in a 132 page paperback book format. The third 80 page issue printed in Summer 1999, to warm-up to Prog 2000. (Introducing Strontium Dog, ABC Warrior, Nemesis and original Rogue Trooper to new readers)

Quality Comics and Eagles Comics also reprinted Judge Dredd and 2000AD stories mostly for the US market, (I never bought them)

Graphic Novels Many 2000AD stories were reprinted by first Titan then Hamlyn Books ( include Hamlyn's Mandarin imprint ) and Fleetway. The only original stories first printed in a 2000ad graphic novels were the Judge Dredd/Batman crossovers written by Alan Grant and John Wagner, best and most successful was the first Judgement on Gotham. The next two 'Ulimate Riddle' and 'Judgement On Gotham' featured art by Carl Critchlow and Cam Kenndy represectily. The latest crossover was 'Die Laughing' by John Wagner/Alan Grant & Glenn Fabry/Jim Murray released in 2 books ( first in October 98, second in Nov. 98 ). Five years in the making
It seems both Simon Bisley and Jim Murray have used these crossovers as showcases of their artwork to the massive US audience.

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