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Oxbrow Coat of Arms
Oxbrow Coat of Arms

Braintree Parish Church
Braintree Parish Church

Bocking Parish Church
Bocking Parish Church

Ivory book
Ivory Book

Family ring
A ring I wear which was made by Walter Oxbrow for his wife Jessie in the mid 1870s

Welcome to my family of Oxbrows

My grandmother, Polly Fanny Oxbrow, was born in 1881 in Braintree, Essex. She was the third of five children born to Walter Rutter Oxbrow and Jessie Golding. Walter's father, William Oxbrow, was from Bocking, near Braintree. I have been able to trace his ancestors back to Edward Oxborrow, born before 1651, probably in Bocking.

With the help of an ivory note book, family birthday book and the reminiscences of my mother's cousin, I put together the start of the Oxbrow tree. I visited Essex Public Records Office and there met with Stella, a fellow researcher, who has been such a help to me.

I discovered that there were two distinct Oxbrow families from Bocking, both descended from Joseph Oxbrows! "My" Oxbrows descend from Joseph Oxbrow born in 1777 in Bocking and who married Jane Seach.. The "other" Oxbrows descend from Joseph Oxbrow born in 1763 and who married Ruth Brown. Some of this Oxbrow family went to Tasmania, others I have traced in the UK. I am grateful for the help and research of Steve Oxbrow from this side of the family.

I have written to all known Oxbrows in the United Kingdom and although everyone did not reply, I have been able to piece together more of the two families. My aim is to discover if there is a link between the two Oxbrow families. I feel there must be as all Oxbrows that I have found have descended from Bocking Oxbrows!

From I have extracted all the Oxbrows born, married and died from 1837 to the present day. If you are an Oxbrow please contact me as I would love to fit you in! I have identified over half of all the Oxbrows I extracted. I can also send you a copy of this spreadsheet.

I hope you enjoy this site. Maybe, just maybe, I will hear from some of you who will be able to unravel more of the picture. I would also very much appreciate hearing from relatives of the female Oxbrows where of course the surname has changed.

Valerie Stevenson (e-mail link)


Prior to 1777
Joseph 1777
William 1816
Walter 1850
Fanny 1881
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