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Grasslands and Buffalo

Life of the Plains Indian

Arrival of the Europeans

What happened the Plains People

The Plains Tribes today

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The Native American Cultures  

Groups who settled in different parts of America developed different ways of life, suited to where they lived. These different groups of Native Americans are sometimes called the Native American Cultures.

Those who settled in the Northern Woodlands for example, hunted the animals of the forests and used tree bark and branches to make their homes.

Map of  Native American Cultures

The Native American Cultures

Each culture had many different tribes, each with their own languages and beliefs. Some cultures lived in towns and others in small villages.

Others, however, were nomads. They kept moving all year long, hunting animals and gathering wild plants.

Buffalo on the Plains
Buffalo grazing on the Plains

These people lived in the Central Plains of what is now the United States of America.

The other pages of this website focus on these Native People of the North American Plains. These Plains Natives included the Pawnee, Crow and Osage tribes.

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