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Tinnitus - a Common Symptom

If you think you hear noises in your ears, you are not alone - most people do, given an exceptionally quiet environment or after intense listening, for example, even if your hearing is perfect.

Although most tinnitus is not caused by noise exposure, this can be a factor - as can stressful life experiences in general which may trigger symptoms.

If your noises never go away, and if they bother you, then your tinnitus is ‘troublesome’. It may cause you stress and depression, or keep you awake at night.

Try not to worry - tinnitus is not an indication of a deeper health problem. Talk to your G.P. if you are anxious; however, remember that tablets are unlikely to ‘cure’ it. Your attitude is very important - believe in yourself!

Try not to focus on your noise - listen to something else - the radio or music on headphones at night to help you get to sleep.

Try a hearing aid if your hearing is less than perfect to ease your listening strain, or try a tinnitus masker to generate an alternative noise to distract you.

Contact the Irish Tinnitus Association for supportive guidance on 01-8723800 if you live in Ireland.

There is a detailed discussion of the role of Tinnitus Retraining Therapy provided by Professor Jonathan Hazell on his website; the address is given on Page 9 of this Website.

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