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First appearance: Uncanny X-Men #345


First appearance: Uncanny X-Men #325

Sarah (surname unknown) was raised in an alternate dimension known as 'the Hill' along with the children of the Morlocks . Under the rule of Mikhail Rasputin they became killing machines, taught that to survive they must be willing to kill each other. Eventually she along with a few other mutants, under the name Gene Nation, came to the Marvel world. She along with Hemingway, another mutant, kidnapped Emma Frost and Leech but were eventually defeated by the White Queen. Later Marrow appeared once more, with Callisto, in an attempt to murder Henry Gyrich. Sarah eventually joined the X-Men, in order to learn to control the bone growths that keep her in constant agony. After being exposed to Skrull healing technology she has more control over her powers and is no longer in pain. After the events of the six month gap Sarah is no longer with the X-Men, her current status and whereabouts are unknown. Marrow possesses bones that grow out through her skin which she can remove and then grow back.


First appearance: Generation X #12

Murmur first appeared when Emplate captured Generation X. He is one of Emplate's enthralls. Murmur seems to possess teleportational abilities.