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First appearance: Uncanny X-Men #120

Dr Walter Langowski is a former member of the now defunct Canadian super-team, Alpha Flight. He encountered Generation X when Emma brought them to Canada during the Onslaught crisis, and more recently when a sasquatch was found roaming the woods surrounding the Academy.


First appearance: Spider-woman (first series) #37

Theresa Rourke is the daugher of Banshee (aka Sean Cassidy), as Banshee did not know of her existance until recently she was raised by her father's cousin Black Tom Cassidy. Black Tom forced her into committing crimes for him, but exonerated her from blame when they were arrested. Siryn then joined X-Force and became their deputy leader, she also had to overcome an alcohol addiction. She lost her mutant powers recently when, in a battle, the mutant called Feral cut Theresa's throat therefore severing her vocal cords. She then retired from X-Force and after the events of the six month gap has not returned. Her current whereabouts and status are unknown. Siryn possesses the same sonic abilities as her father, Banshee, but is more powerful and not as limited as he is.


First appearance: Amazing Fantasy #15

Peter Parker was bitten by a radio-active spider and given the proportionate strength, speed and agility of a spider. He also gained a spider-sense which warns him of danger. He used his powers to earn money by wrestling under the moniker 'Spider-man', one night he didn't help a security guard who was chasing a robber. Later his uncle Ben was killed by an intruder, when Peter tracked down this man he found that it was the same robber whom he had seen earlier. From then on he has used his powers to protect others. He recently encountered Generation X when Leech and Artie helped him defeat Sandman.