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Scott Lobdell



Current writer of Darkness from Top Cow Comics.

Credits (include): Uncanny X-Men, X-Men, Gen13, Wildcats, Divine Right, The Tenth: Black Embrace, Hellhole, Gambit.

Chris Bachalo



Currently the penciller and co-creator of 'Steampunk' from Cliffhanger Comics.

Credits (include) : Shape - The Changing Man, Death: The High Cost of Living, Death: The Time of Your Life, Uncanny X-Men, The Witching Hour.

Tom Grummett

9 - 16

Currently working on Section Zero from Gorilla Comics.

Credits (include): Superboy, Robin.

Larry Hama


Credits (include): Wolverine, Batman: Shadow of the Bat, Before the 4: Logan and Grimm,
Terry Dodson

?- 60

Currently the penciller for the 'Harley Quinn' series from DC Comics.

Credits (include): Storm (limited series), Factor-X, Star Wars: Dark Force Rising.

Jay Faerber

48 - 62

Currently the writer for the 'Titans' from DC Comics.

Credits (include): The New Warriors (2nd series), Gen Active, Iron Fist/Wolverine.

Warren Ellis

63 - 70

Currently the writer for 'Planetary' from Wildstorm Comics and 'Ministry of Space' mini-series from Image Comics. Upcoming work includes 'Black Horses', also from Image Comics.

Credits (include): Excalibur, Transmetroplitan, Authority, City of Silence, Stormwatch, X-Calibre, Tales of the Witchblade, X-Force, X-Man.

Brian Wood

63 - 75

Upcoming work includes 'Couscous Express' and 'The Walk' from AiT/plaNETlar.

Credits (include): Channel Zero

Steve Pugh

63 - 74

Upcoming work includes the 'Heralds' mini-series and 'Blade - Vampire Hunter', both from Marvel Comics.

Credits (include): Superman vs. the Terminator: Death to the Future, Hitman.