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Two Pair
Epilogue: Of Teapots and Tiaras

by L.M Griffin


Cold November winds whipped through Logan's hair as he stood quietly, admiring the woods around him. Autumn was in its final calling days and the ground around his feet was littered with leaves in shades of red, gold, and orange. He always liked to talk a walk in the forest around the Mansion this time of year - not one of his half-wild ramages, but a quiet, reflective stroll. Take in nature's beauty. Marvel at another year gone by.

Being able to smoke a cigar without having Ororo giving him the evil eye was big plus as well.

It was the crunch of leaves that told Logan he was no longer alone, and his hand almost automatically formed a fist, until he caught a certain scent. A mixture of herbal shampoo, axle grease, cinammon, and bubble gum. A tight grin passed his craggy face, but he remained silent.

Jubilee strolled into the clearing, moving to stand beside him. Logan looked her over critically. The hair was longer, but still styled the same. The slender body clothed in jeans, a dark red v-neck shirt, the multi-colored scarf setting off her pale skin, and a long black leather coat that came to mid-thigh on her. He nodded his head once in approval. "You grew up on me."

A wry smile crossed her lips. "Young people have a tendency to do that, Canucklehead. What, did you want me to stay thirteen forever?"

"Maybe. At thirteen you wouldn't have run off without a good reason," he retorted, blue eyes twinkling.

"What can I say? Seems to run in the family," she replied, one dark eyebrow raising. The two looked at each other for a long moment before Logan closed the gap between them and enveloped her into a tight hug. Jubilee bit her lip, wrapping her arms around Logan's middle. Something close to a sigh of relief seemed to pass both of their lips.

"I missed ya, kid."

"Missed you too, Wolvie..."

Logan's smile widened at that and arm in arm they started back towards the Mansion. Logan's expression became thoughtful after a moment.

"Hey kid? You're not about to get all mushy on me for Gumbo, are ya?"

Jubilee's eyebrow quirked again and she spoke calmly. "I'm only going to say this once, Canucklehead - No Chance In Hell."

"You sure about that?"

"Positive. Absolutely no mush here. There's more of a chance that you'll become the Queen of England then there is of me turing into one of those kinda girls who swoons at the sight of her man bringing her some trinket."

At that moment, Remy strolled through the front door of the Mansion. A light layer of dust covered his dark blue sweater and jeans, and he looked as if he had been rumaging around in the attic. Which he had been. In his hands he carried a light blue shoebox, beaten up beyond all repair, and he had a triumphant look on his face as he ambled towards the duo. With an almost regal air, he handed the box over to Jubilee. "For you, mon p'tite. Now, I will take my kiss."

Jubilee took the box dubiously as she glanced from the smug thief to Logan. For his part, the shorter man simply shrugged. "Don't ask me kid. I just got him to stop talkin' about teapots."

Remy's expression changed from smug to embarrassed as both of Jubilee's eyebrows rose. She turned back to her lover. "Teapots?"

Remy coughed. "It is a long and complicat'd story, Jubilee...somethin' that you would have ABSOLUT'LY no interest in. It is borin', tedious..."

"...and it involves skipping," Logan supplied with a little smirk.

"Stop tryin' t'HELP, Logan," Remy growled, then gestured again to the shoe box, his cocky grin returning. "Open it, open it! I've waited a long time to give this to you."

Jubilee muttered under her breath as she lifted the shoe box cover, moving the aged paper aside carefully. "Gee, thanks sweetie. Always wanted an old, beat up pair of -- sapphire earrings and matching TIARA??" The rest came out in a squeak as she stared at the contents of the box. The jewelry glittered in return.

Remy crossed his arms over his chest, taking on a mock-superior air. "Oui. Now Mme. Lee, I do believe you owe me a birtday kiss. After all, y'did say it would take the tiara and earrings, non?"

Jubilee looked down into the box, then at Remy's half joking, half hopeful expression. Then down at the box again. Which promptly tumbled to the ground as Jubilee leaped onto Remy, pressing her lips firmly againist his. Remy stumbled backwards for a moment before recovering. He wrapped his arms around her waist, returning the kiss wholeheartedly. Logan just coughed.

"Uh...huh. Yep. Feelin' that third wheel feelin'. Excuse me kids, I'll just take this," he said as he lifted the box off the ground, heading back towards the Mansion without a backwards glance. "Back inside the house. Yer both a little distracted right now."

They didn't answer him. He hadn't expected them to. He strode up to the front door, still chewing on his cigar. As he stepped into the foyer, he heard a delicate cough coming from the open study door. He turned and faced a stern faced Ororo. She tapped one foot on the ground, looking pointedly towards his cigar. "Well Logan, what do you have to say for yourself?"

Logan lifted one shaggy eyebrow, before a slow, smirking smile came over his face. He took the tiara out of the box, tilted it at a rakish angle on top of his pointy hair, and said, with a completely straight face, "Long Live The Queen."

Still smoking his cigar, the tiara glinting in the hall lights, he ambled off towards the kitchen and a cold beer. Ororo stood stunned for a moment, before simply shaking her white-maned head with a sigh. "I do not want to know. Bright Lady, I simply do NOT want to know."

She closed the study door behind her, effectively cutting off Logan's barking laughter.


~THE END, for now. Adieu, my friends. 'Till next time