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Real name: Paige Guthrie

Age: 17

Occupation: Adventurer, (former) environmental activist, student.

Place of birth: Cumberland County, Kentucky, U.S.A.

Known relatives: Father (deceased), mother, Samuel Guthrie (brother, aka Cannonball), Joshua, Jebediah (brothers), Elizabeth, Joelle (sisters), other unnamed siblings.

Group affiliation: X-Men, (former) X-Corps, Generation X.

First appearance: X-Force #33

Height: 5'7'' (varies when morphing)

Weight: 100 lbs (varies when morphing)

Eyes: Blue (varies when morphing)

Hair: Blonde (varies when morphing)

History: Husk's first appearance was when her brother, Cannonball, and his friend Meltdown came to Guthrie farm on vacation. While there the two were captured by the Upstarts who were involved in a contest with the Gamesmaster to capture the surviving members of the New Mutants and the Hellions. The captured mutants were taken to the Gamemaster's home in France to be hunted down and killed. Cable and the rest of X-Force then arrived at Guthrie farm, battled Trevor Fitzroy (a member of the Upstarts) and travelled to France through one of Fitzroy's portals. Paige morphed into an insect and followed them through the portal. There she witnessed the apparent defeat of X-Force. She challenged the Gamesmaster to a battle of wits with her life and the lives of X-Force at stake. She won and they were let go free.

Later, Paige was one of the mutants kidnapped by the Phalanx entity Harvest. She was rescued as a result of the combined efforts of Banshee, Jubilee, Sabretooth, Synch and the White Queen. Afterwards she, along with the other mutants kidnapped by the Phalanx, as well as Jubilee and Synch enrolled in the Massachusetts Academy in order to develop their powers.

Paige joined a group of environmentalists after the closure of the Academy. Later she joined M and Jubilee as members of Banshee's pro-active X-Corporation. She has since joined the X-Men as part of their field team.


Note: When Paige first arrived at the Academy she had plans to become the leader of Generation X and studied and trained twice as hard as any other member on the team. However she started to lose interest in her studies and began to spend more time on her appearance and other non-academic pursuits. After the six month gap Paige is once more the studious member of GenX and it was her awareness of the events taking place across America that led the team to the House of Correction.

Strength level: Normal for a girl her age, weight and height who engages in regular intensive exercise. (Husk's strength can increase, depending on what form she takes.)

Known superhuman abilities: Husk is a metamorph who can change her form by tearing off her outermost layer of skin. She usually changes her body into a different element, e.g. glass, rubber, steel, but keeps her human shape. She has, in the past, morphed into something smaller i.e an insect. Recently, while in a rubber form, Husk experienced super speed to the extent that she was able to outrun a speeding bullet.