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Real name: Jubilation Lee.

Age: 16 (?)

Occupation: X-Corp member, (former) student.

Place of Birth: Beverly Hills, California, USA.

Known relatives: Dr. and Mrs. Lee (parents, deceased.)

Group affiliation: X-Corps, (former) Generation X, X-Men.

First appearance: Uncanny X-Men #244.

Height: 5'5''

Weight: 105 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

History: Jubilee was born into a wealthy family in Beverly Hills and lived a very comfortable life. Then, one weekend, her parents were murdered by two hitmen. That same weekend the Lee's lost all their money on the stockmarket. Jubilee was sent to a juvenile hall and ran away to the Hollywood Mall. When her mutant powers surfaced she used her fireworks to entertain the shoppers and earn some money for herself. Eventually mall security, who had tried and failed to capture her many times, called in the M-Squad a group of mutant hunters. Several female members of the X-Men (Dazzler, Psylocke, Rogue and Storm) were shopping in the mall at the time and aided Jubilee against the M-Squad. They then stepped through a teleportation portal back to their base in Australia and at the last second Jubilee jumped through after them. There she was greeted by Gateway who led her to a tunnel and pushed her down it. She found herself in the Reavers' - a group of criminal cyborgs - cavern. There she made a living space for herself, taking food and clothes from the X-Men when they were away. When the Reavers returned they crucified Wolverine. Once they had left again Jubilee came out of her hiding place and helped Wolverine escape. She stayed with him, accompanying him on his travels around Asia and the two developed a father-daughter relationship.

When the X-Men were reunited under Xavier's leadership once more Jubilee became a fully fledged member. She also continued to accompany Wolverine on his journeys. Later, when the next generation of mutants were targetted by the Phalanx for assimilation, Jubilee accompanied Banshee, Sabretooth, Synch and the White Queen on a rescue mission. Although they defeated the Phalanx, one of their own died in the process - Clarice Ferguson aka Blink. The rest of the captive mutants (Husk, M and Skin) decided to join Jubilee and Synch at the new Massachusetts Academy and learn more about their powers.

Since joining the Academy Jubilee has encountered many new foes. Recently she was involved in the Twelve saga and was one of the team who helped Wolverine overcome Apocalypse's brainwashing, rejecting the 'Death' persona that had been forced onto him. Jubile was also the field leader of the team on one occasion.

After the closure of the Academy Jubilee travelled across the US, with Angelo Espinosa (aka Skin), to L. A where she attempted to become involved in the movie industry but often found herself type-cast. She then joined M and Husk as members of Banshee's X-Corps which deals pro-actively with threats to or by mutants.

Strength level: Normal for a girl her age, weight and height who engages in intensive regular exercise.

Agility: Athlete.

Known superhuman abilities: The ability to generate and project energy plasmoids. Jubilee calls these her 'fireworks' or 'sparks' and they can appear in a variety of shapes and sizes and follow her mental commands. They can momentarily blind a person or are strong enough to blow up an entire building. She can absorb these fireworks back into herself without harm. It was once said that she had the unrealised potential to detonate matter on a molecular level. Jubilee has very precise control over her mutant powers except when she is very angry or upset.

Note: At one stage Jubilee was kidnapped by Bastion and was able to resist the mind reading devices they were monitoring her with. She was also able to pick up on some of Bastion's thoughts. It was theorised that Jubilee may possess some latent telepathic abilties or some stealth power. However she has not exhibited any such abilites since.