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Real name: unknown

Age: 6/7

Place of Birth: New York, U.S.A.

Known relatives: Annalee (foster mother, deceased.)

Group affiliation: (current) none, (former) Generation X, Morlocks.

First appearance: X-Men #179

Height: 4'2''

Weight: 67lbs

Eyes: Yellow

Hair: none

Other distinguishing features: Green skin

History: Little is known about Leechs origin. He was found by the mutant Caliban and brought him to live with the Morlocks, a group of mutants who lived in a network of tunnels beneath Manhattan. There he was eventually adopted by the empath Annalee. However his happines with his new mother was short lived when the Marauders, a group of mutant assassins, attacked the Morlocks, killing many of them including Annalee. Leech was saved by his friends, Power Pack, and by the members of X-Factor. X-Factor was searching for it's trainee Artie Maddicks, a mutant whose appearance is similar to Leech's.

Artie and Leech became good friends and X-Factor adopted Leech. They trained him in the useof his power. For awhile the two children were enrolled in St. Simon Boarding School where they worked with six other mutants trained by X-Factor.

Leech enrolled in the Massachusetts Academy, along with Artie, after he was kidnapped by Marrow and Hemingway. There he became friends with his fellow GenXer's, Howard the Duck and Franklin Richards. During the 'Come on, Die Young' story arc, the Academy was deemed too dangerous for Leech, Artie and Penance and they were sent to Monaco to live with Cartier St. Croix, M's father.

Strength level: Normal.

Known superhuman abilties: Leech has the ability to nullify the powers of other beings, be they mutant or otherwise. Superhuman beings lose their powers within a certain range of Leech's body. Leech can extend his 'dampener field' up to 30 feet or condense it within inches of his body.