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Real name: (as one being) Monet St. Croix, (as two beings) Nicole and Claudette St. Croix.

Age: 16 (?)

Occupation: X-Corp member, (former) student

Place of birth: Monaco

Known relatives: Cartier St. Croix (father), Marius St. Croix (aka Emplate, brother), mother (deceased).

Group affiliation: X-Corps, (former) Generation X

First appearance: Uncanny X-Men #316

Height: 5'7''

Weight: 125 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

History: M first appeared when the Phalanx kidnapped several young mutants to learn how to assimilate them into the Phalanx collective. M was kidnapped along with Blink, Husk and Skin. They were later rescued by Banshee, Jubilee, Sabretooth, Synch and the White Queen, all except Blink who sacrificed her life to save her friends. M then joined Generation X

While with Generation X M used to often fall into a catatonic state during moments of intense concentration. She used also become very upset when her family was mentioned and sometimes acted childishly while most other times she was mature and sophisticated. When Emplate, Generation X's 'arch-enemy', captured the team he revealed that M was, in fact, his younger sister.

The secret of M later emerged when Generation X was involved in a battle with the Prime Sentinels. An explosion occurred and when the dust cleared they found two young girls instead of M. Their names were Nicole and Claudette St. Croix and they were also mutants. They possessed the ability to become one person, a girl, whose age was the sum of their combined ages. The episodes M used to have, when she was in a catatonic state, were a result of Claudette's autism. Everytime Claudette took control over M it would appear that she was in a trance. The reason they took this from was because their older brother Marius had trapped their sister Monet in a mute and deaf body, untouchable both physically and emotionally.

In this body she became his sole source of sustenance and later a member of Generation X under the name 'Penance'. Marius hated Monet because she was egotistic and behaved as though she was superior to to everyone else, and the Penance body was his punishment for her. Since Monet was their father's favourite the twins decided to take her place. Later they swapped bodies with Monet. She was returned to her own body and the twins were trapped in Penance. An explosion, caused by Jubilee, freed the twins from the Penance body when Emplate attacked during the school dance.

During the six month gap Monet began to date Synch. She was devastated by his death and found it hard to carry on afterwards.

After the closure of the Academy Monet returned home, then joined the X-Corporation under Banshee along with Jubilee and Husk.

Strength level: Monet is superhumanly strong but her limits have not been defined. She can lift, at least, 10 tonnes.

Known superhuman abilties: (Nicole and Claudette) The twin version of M displayed superhuman strength, flight, telepathy and acute night vision. (Monet) The real M also possesses superhuman strength, flight, telepathy and acute night vision. She recently displayed superhuman speed. [According to Marvel, Monet's telepathic powers are limited.]

Note - Monet is extraordinarily intelligent but this is not as a result of her mutation.