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As you may have noticed, Proudstar Hall has not been updated in some time. Unfortunately this fact is unlikely to change any time in the near future as I am currently studying for a hugely important exam and have put this website on temporary hold. However, come the end of June I shall be able to once more to update the site with new fanfiction, news etc. Since I last updated, many people have e-mailed me regarding links, awards and fanfiction (namely 'Times Change and we With Time). Due to excess mail in my Hotmail account, all the messages I have received were deleted and I am unable to respond. If you wished me to link to your site, please re-send the link and I will make sure to make a note for the June update. As for 'Times change...' this has also been put on hiatus, but rest assured I have the entire story mapped out and even have plans for a sequel and am looking forward to writing it again. To those who enquired about the status of this story, I apologise for not replying individually, due to the aforementioned reason, and thank you for interest and words of encouragement.