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Real name: (current) unknown, possibly Yvette, (former) Monet St. Croix, Nicole & Claudette St. Croix.

Age: teens

Place of birth: unknown

Known relatives: none

Group affiliation: (current) unknown, (former) Generation X

First appearance: Generation X #1

Height: 5'5''

Weight: unknown

Eyes: Blue (no visible pupils)

Hair: Red

History: Penance has perphaps the most confusing history of all the members of Generation X, but I'll try to make it as simple as possible.

Penance was brought to the Massachusetts Academy by Gateway. She had been the prisoner of Emplate for an extended period of time and his sole source of sustenance. Her name was taken from the one word Gateway said when he brought her to the academy, 'penance'. Frightened and determined not to lose her freedom again Penance escaped from the med-lab and into the woods surrounding the school. Chamber was the one who eventually made contact with her and she became a part of the team.

When Emplate captured Generation X he turned Penance into one of his slaves, once more, but eventually resisting his control she turned on him and prevented him from killing the mutant Bishop. Emplate was shocked and called her Yvette before fleeing with his followers.

Later the truth about Penance was revealed. Emplate (Marius St. Croix) was tired of his sister Monet who was beautiful, smart and powerful but was unbelievably egotistic. He eventually trapped her in the mute, deaf body of Penance untouchable in mind and body, as punishment. She then became his main source of sustenance. Monet and Marius' younger twin sisters, Claudette and Nicole, decided that they would take Monet's place and used their mutant abilties to fuse into one being. They hoped that by taking Monet's form their father would never realise what Marius had done. However during a battle with the Prime Sentinels and explosion occurred which reverted the twins to their individual forms. Later they decided that it was unfair for Monet to be trapped in the Penance body so she was returned to her own body and the twins were trapped in the Penance form. During the school dance Emplate attacked in an attempt to regain possession of Penance. Jubilee became extremely angry and caused a huge explosion which not only took out Emplate and destroyed Proudstar Hall but also freed the twins from the Penance body. That night Penance awoke and burrowed her way out of the med-lab and into the woods. She later returned to the Academy, and Generation X.

When anti-mutant hatred was extremely strong in the school, Penance was sent to the home of Ambassador St. Croix in Monaco along with Artie and Leech.

Strength level: Normal for a girl her age, weight and height who engages in regular intensive exercise.

Known superhuman abilities: The surface of Penance's body is atrophied to the extent that her skin and hair are as sharp as diamonds. She can cut through anything she touches.