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Chamber: (to Penance) I believe we are...kindred spirits, you and I. Being mutants has clearly...cost us more...than anyone...should have to pay. But myself? I'm tired of...running. What about you, luv?

Jubilee: Dude. That was, like, ninety-nine percent risk.
Chamber: Life is risk, Lee. It just rarely works out this well.


Husk: I realise I'm meant to have some witty comment prepared all ready to distract you while I tan your hide six ways till Sunday but I'm still new to this. You won't mind if I skip ahead to the part where I kick your butt?!

Skin: Maybe "scrabble" isn't our game chica maybe we should try something a little more...physical?
Husk: Everyone should have a dream, Angelo.


(Jubilee and Synch are outside, in the rain, trying to talk to Gateway.) Synch: Look, Jubilee - I'd like to think I'm as supportive as the next guy but is this really necessary?
Jubilee: No - I'm just out here because I couldn't figure out how to work the girls' showers! Duh! Now shut up Everett, so I can ask our 'buddy' here some questions.

Jubilee: This is, like, too cool. Everyone just hanging...talking...playing games and watchin' the tube. Kind of like a nineties version of a mutated Brady Bunch, no?

Jubilee: Yer an arrogant little rich girl in need of a major 'tude adjustment 'cause ya think yer so much better than the rest of us. What do you say to that, M?

Jubilee: Way, I see it, M if you can press that slab and pat yourself on the back at the same time how heavy could it be.

M: You know, I never cease to amaze myself.
Jubilee: Yeah, but that's never much of a problem for you, is it?

Jubilee: Seriously, we're mutants. We live in the middle of nowhere. We stay home most of the time. I live vicariously through "The Real World" and "Ricki Lake". Let's face it: we're our own best friends, because we have to be, the world doesn't want people like us around and probably never will. We're on our own, M. Sucks, but it's true.


M: The rest of you may wish to conceal the mutant aspects of yourselves, but I have no such compunction.
Jubilee: (to Paige, about Monet) Yeah, and if my power was to be Miss Perfect Priss '94 I wouldn't try to hide it either.
M: But instead you give off sparks from your hands. You must be quite amusing at parties.

Jubilee: Whoa. Cool digs ya got, Banshee. I'm, like, without speech here.
M: Were that but true.

Jubilee: Climbing trees, M? Isn't that, like, totally second grade?
M: As the authority on all things immature, Jubilee, I'll have to take your word on that.

M: As I've said in the past - there is precious little I don't know.

Jubilee: Okay then. Impress me, rich girl.
M: As I have found in the past, Jubilee, it doesn't take much to impress you. Counting to ten without using my fingers usually suffices.


Jubilee: Wow. Is that a cigarette, dude? I am soooo impressed.
Skin: I have a list of people I try to impress, chica and surprise, surprise you're nowhere on it.

Skin: Nice flair for the dramatic entrance, Chamber. But if you think either of us is going to be schooled on 'maturity' by someone standing in the rain, later for you, man.

Skin: Relax. All you're missing is a view of me kicking your butt.

Jubilee: (after buying an apple) Guys check it out. Penance is gonna go lunar - she loves apples.
Skin: Right. I'm sure she'll hop right out of bed and start singing Kumbaya.

Chamber: You're...a good man...Angelo Espinosa.
Skin: That's just a rumour I started. Now shut up so I can eat in peace.

Skin: Great. Dragons I have no experience with but bullies? Mama Espinosa didn't bring up a single one of her kids to ever back down from a bully.
Grande Dame: Your mother sounds like a very smart woman.
Skin: That or she raised some very stupid children.

White Queen

White Queen: Life is rude, Monet. Adapt.

White Queen: Don't gloat child, it's a sign of poor upbringing.

White Queen: (to Marrow & Hemingway) Tell you what - let me and the kid go..? You get the first semester free. You could both stand for a class in 'introduction to grammar and personal hygiene'.

White Queen: (to Marrow & Hemingway) Am I safe in assuming on the world where you claim you and Gene Nation were one has yet coined the term 'group therapy'?

White Queen: Hardly, Sean. I have a list of people I'd like to share my nights with. It's a short list. You're not on it.