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a Family Affair


Banshee (Sean Cassidy) is the father of Siryn (Theresa Rourke) who is a former member of X-Force. Sean has a slightly strained relationship with his daughter as he was not present while she was growing up, through no fault of his own. He is also the cousin of Black Tom (Thomas Cassidy), who raised Theresa and views her as a daughter.

White Queen

Both of the White Queen's siblings have appeared in Generation X. Emma's older sister, Adrienne Frost, helped with the Academy's finances during a rough period, later tried to kill the GenXer's, caused the death of Synch and was eventuallly killed by Emma. The younger sister, Cordelia, was involved with Mondo and came to Emma for help.


Paige Guthrie is the younger sister of Samuel Guthrie (aka Cannonball). Sam is a former member of X-Force and the X-Men.


While this is not strictly all family, it does involve Jubilee's family. Her parents were murdered by two assassins hired by the grandfather of Tristan Brawn (Husk's former boyfriend.)


The most complicated family of all. The real M is the sister of Marius St. Croix (aka Emplate) and Nicole and Claudette St. Croix. For a time Nicole and Claudette posed as Monet, when Marius trapped her in the deaf, mute Penance body. Monet was eventually returned to her own body. Marius killed their mother when his mutant powers first surfaced by feeding on her bone marrow.


Banshee & the White Queen

From the very beginning these two have had an uneasy relationship. Sean didn't trust Emma and she thought little of his fighting skills or teaching ability. However, over time, they began to trust each other more and more as they were forced to work together to help their students. Occasionally it has been hinted that their friendship could develop into something more but, currently, they are merely friends and co-mentors to the Gen-Xer's.

Chamber & Husk

These two were the first couple of Generation X. They first 'kissed' in issue #6, when Paige became drunk after finding out about the Legacy Virus and resulted in Jono panicking and blowing up the girls' dorm. After that, although their feelings for each other grew stronger, they were unable to properly communicate with each other. Jono was too pre-occupied with his own disfigurement to believe that Paige could love him anyway, she was frustrated by his single mindedness and her own desire to be seen as completely independent. Eventually their relationship came to an end and she went on to date Tristan Brawn. After the 6 month gap, Jono and Paige appear to be comfortable as just friends and have put any romantic feelings they had, for each other, to rest.

Chamber & Jubilee

As far as I know, these two don't have a problem with each other but they're not close friends either.

Chamber & M

Since Monet doesn't have much of a friendship with anyone, besides Ev, it's impossible to know what Jono and M think of each other.

Chamber & Skin

Jono and Ange are pretty good friends. When Jono was having problems with his powers, during the Onslaught crisis, Skin tried to bring him to Westchester to Professor Xavier. Later Jono helped Skin in LA, even though Skin didn't explain what he was doing. At one stage Chamber was slightly jealous of Ange's friendship with Paige, and read too much into it but that was soon cleared up.

Chamber & Synch

Ev and Jono were also fairly good friends. But Ev was so easy going he got along with everyone. The two went shopping for tuxes together before the school dance.

Husk & Jubilee

While not the closest of friends, they are definitely more at ease with each other than Monet. They have very different personalities; Jubilee has a fairly relaxed view of life and is the wise crackin' X-veteran, Paige is more serious and devotes a lot of time to her studies and training. In the past they didn't have a very high opinion of each other, Paige viewed Jubilee as a kid while Jubilee thought her to be a 'hayseed'. That said their friendship has grown slightly but it hasn't been shown just how they think of each other at the moment.

Husk & M

Paige and Monet don't really have a relationship, and don't seem to have held many conversations with each other in the past. That may change in the future, though.

Husk & Skin

In the beginning of Generation X it was hinted that Paige and Ange may get together, and were quite close friends. However that idea seems to have been abandoned and they remain merely friends.

Husk & Synch

These two seem to have had practically no relationship. We haven't seen them interacting much and it was never clear what their opinion of each other was.

Jubilee & M

These two seem to love antagonising each other. When the twins were posing as M they often traded insults with Jubilee, however they did show genuine concern for each other on occasion. Jubilee told Paige of her worries for Monet, because of the catatonic states she would fall into, even going as far as admitting that she cared about her. When the real Monet was returned to her own body, their relationship became even more strained as M was more egotistical than her twin sisters had portrayed her as being. Then Ev (Synch) developed a crush on Monet, and it turned out that she felt the same way about him. However, Jubilee had a crush on Ev and was devastated when she found out about M and Ev. Jubilee and Monet are friends now, maybe not best friends, and although they differ in many ways they are teammates and with that comes a certain degree of respect.

Jubilee & Skin

Ange and Jubes are friends, nothing more and nothing less. According to some there is a possibility of romance between the two, but the characters have never expressed much interest in each other in that way.

Jubilee & Synch

Jubes and Ev were best friends. In the beginning it seemed that Ev had a bit of a crush on her, especially when the GenXer's (Chamber, Husk, M, Skin & Synch) were rescued at sea by Glorian, the shaper of Dreams, and Ev's dream included kissing Jubilee. However his crush apparently vanished and he became interested in Monet instead. Of all the GenXer's Jubes and Ev had the best relationship, and got along well together from the very beginning. She dealt with his death very well, which seemed slightly out of character, but Jubilee has come across death a lot and maybe she's learning to put it all in perspective.

M & Skin

As I've said before M has not been close with many of her teammates. The only indication of friendship between the two was when they went to the school dance together, and even that was only because no guy could work up the courage to ask Monet out.

M & Synch

Although Monet and Ev were never really good friends, he was probably the closest thing she has ever had to a best friend. Ev had a crush on Monet for a long time, beginning around issue #30 when they kissed. However that M was the twins posing as her and not the real one. The next kiss that we saw was in issue #67 between Ev and the real Monet, revealing that they began dating during the 6 month gap. She seems have been the most affected by his death and is still grieving for him 6 months later.

Skin & Synch

Ev and Ange got along fairly well, then again Ev got along well enough with everyone. Anyway, they have never had any real problem with each other in the past.