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Generation X #10

Writer: Scott Lobdell

Penciller: Tom Grummett

Inker(s): Buckingham, Milgrom, Pennington & Fern

Colours: Steve Buccellato & Electric Crayon

Cover: Chris Bachalo

Rating: ***

Title: Death Wail

Description: Paige and Angelo prepare for Ms. Frost's formal orientation party for Mondo. When they arrive at Proudstar Hall, where the party is being held, everyone but Banshee is already there. M decides to check on Sean and make sure if he's ok. Ev advises her to ask Jubilee to go along with her. Penance has relapsed into a coma and Jubilee is very worried about her. M promises Jubilee that she'll check on Penance, tries to reassure her and heads towards Sean's private cottage. There she find the front door open, wary she contacts the White Queen psionically. Inside she finds Banshee, apparently dead and she rushes him to the med center. The team arrive at the center, Emma says that Sean isn't dead yet and uses her telepathy to keep him alive while the GenXer's find whoever did this to him. Jubilee volunteers herself and Mondo to stay behind and watch over Banshee and Emma.

In England, on the estate of Lady Gayle Edgarton, we find her talking with D.O.A, Emplate's henchman, and Emplate appears next to her. She discusses her planned revenge against Jonothan Starsmore with him.

Meanwhile Emma, inside Sean's mind, finds that he is reliving a certain period of his life during which he was an Interpol agent. He has found a body, apparently one in a serial of murders. Police officers barge in, about to arrest him but Sean manages to escape.

Back in the present, Chamber, Husk, Skin and Synch are on the trail of Banshee's assailant. Synch is using his powers to track the person. Police cars begin to follow them as they approach an incomplete bridge. Chamber tells Skin to keep driving. He does and M catches the car and carries them safely to the other side of the river. They continue to close in on Banshee's attacker.

Back in Sean's mind, Emma watches him sleep in a train. Suddenly the compartment door slides open and a man uses his magnetic powers to levitate Sean off the floor. It is Erik Lehnsherr, aka Magneto, but this is before he assumed the identity of Magneto. It appears that he was helping Banshee track down the serial killer and he advises Sean to go to his home, Cassidy Keep, in Ireland. Then he disappears.

Back at the Academy Jubilee watches over Penance, and worries about her friend, feeling helpless.

The rest of the GenXer's enter a wood on foot in search of Banshee's assailant. Jono appears to be taking charge of the team. Suddenly they are attacked by Omega Red, a powerful mutant.

Comments: This issue was pretty average. Tom Grummett's art is very good sometimes, but he does have a tendency to give his characters very high foreheads. The story isn't anything brilliant. I would have preferred a quiet issue with no action after the last few issues. The dialogue at some times is a little corny, especially Jonothan's. (Note: This took place after the Generation X '95 annual. Unfortunately I don't have any of the annuals, so I can't fill you in on what happened.)