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Generation X #11

Writer(s): Scott Lobdell & Todd DeZago

Penciller: Val Semeiks

Inker(s): Milgrom & Lanning

Colours: Electric Crayon

Cover: Chris Bachalo

Title: Death Wail

Rating: ***

Description: Picking up where the last issue left off, we find Chamber desperately swimming to the surface of a lake. When he surfaces he finds his team mates (Husk, M, Skin and Synch) lying unconscious on the ground, defeated by the mutant Omega Red. This mutant's power is a 'death spore virus' which he generates in his own body, however it is parasitic and if too much of the spore builds up in his body it will begin to kill him. He can release on humans or mutants, prolonging his own life but ending theirs. Chamber stops him from finishing off his teammates. Omega Red flees, and Jono checks that his friends are alright before setting off after him.

Meanwhile, in Banshee's mind, Emma continues to follows him while he relives a period of his past. He is now at Cassidy Keep, his ancestral home in Ireland, on the trail of a serial killer. Inspector Deveraux joins him, telling him that she believes in his theory of a cover-up of the killings and that the killer is operating with the approval of certain authorities. Banshee tells her that the killer is probably a mutant.

Back in reality, at the Academy, Jubilee and Mondo watch over the comatose Emma, Sean and Penance. Jubilee is watching Penance anxiously, but Mondo tries to reassure her that Penance will be ok because she has friend who cares about her. Jubilee agrees half - heartedly with this, continuing to watch over her friend.

Elsewhere, at a dam, Omega Red attacks two guards. He needs to release the spore or else it will kill him. Before he can properly release the spore, Chamber appears and attacks him. Omega Red grabs Jono with his coils.

Back in Banshee's mind, he and Inspector Deveraux make their way through the castle and eventually come face to face with the serial killer. It's Omega Red. He taunts Sean, telling him to kill him. Sean won't do it and is about to arrest him when Omega Red uses his death spore on Inspector Deveraux. She stumbles and falls over the wall. Sean grabs her but she slips and falls to her death. Sean takes out his gun and shoots Omega Red.

Back at the dam, Chamber seems to be fighting a losing battle. He is beginning to tire himself out, so turns to taunting Omega Red instead. He hits Omega Red with a rock. He then blasts him away.

Back in Sean's mind, he discusses what happened with Emma. After Sean shot him, Omega Red was given to the authorities but instead of going to prison he was handed over to a special interest group. Sean thanks Emma for saving him, and they return to reality. They wake up just as their battered and bruised students return.

Later, the team relax and Paige tries to thank Jono for saving her. He brushes it off, saying that he would do it for any of the others but thinks to himself how he wants to tell her how he feels. Banshee congratulates the students on working as a team, and they mess around. Elsewhere Emplate listens in on their conversation and orders D.O.A. to begin their little operation to recover Penance.

Comments: Another fairly average issue. This one served to show us just how powerful Chamber is. The art is fine but Jubilee doesn't look even slightly Asian, and her haircut seems to change from issue to issue. Chamber and Husk continue to grow closer, as do Sean and Emma and next issue promises the return of Emplate. All in all a fairly entertaining issue, but not one that you'd read over and over again either.