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Generation X #12

Writer: Scott Lobdell

Penciller: Tom Grummett

Inker: Buckingham, Sellers, Morales, Milgrom, Rubinstein

Colours: Steve Buccellato & Electric Crayon

Cover: Chris Bachalo

Rating: ***

Title: The Return of Emplate

Description: Emplate travels through his dimension of pain to our own one and is greeted by D.O.A. Emplate talks about recapturing Penance and promies revenge on the GenXer's.

Meanwhile in Boston, Generation X, accompanied by Sean, are looking forward to a chance to unwind. The group splits up; Angelo goes to park Sean's jeep, dropping off on the way to meet his ex-girlfriend Gayle Edgarton. Ange parks the car when he has a sudden migraine, while he tries to pull himself together (no pun intended) someone comes up behind him and knocks him out. Elsewhere Monet andSean are talking, he begins to question her about her 'spells' when she seems to tune out the rest of the world. He mentions her family, and her twin sisters when she suddenly runs away from him. He tries to follow her and goes into a wooded area where he is ambushed.

Back at the Academy Emma is attempting to learn more about Penance. She sits still for over an hour, allowing Penance to come closer. She suddenly uses her telepathic powers on her, stunning Penance momentarily and allowing Emma to read the girl's mind. She is so shaken by what she sees that she is left vulnerable for Emplate to attack.

In Boston Husk, Jubilee, Mondo and Synch are waiting for their food in a restaurant. While Jubilee goes on about the varying quality of chilli available, Mondo and Paige talk a little. She reveals that she 'likes' a friend (i.e. Jono) but that it could never work out. Before the conversation can go any further the food arrives. Jubilee lifts the lid off the pot and a strange purple mist rises out of it. It surrounds the four teens, choking them until they pass out.

Meanwhile Jono waits for Gayle at another restaurant across town. When she shows up he sees that she has a strange fangy-mouth-like thing on her hand. She suddenly puts her hands into his chest, draining the psionic energies inside of him.

M arrives at the Academy and seeing the jeep, assumes that everyone has arrived home safely. She sees a strange light on the back lawn, follows it and finds her teammates and teachers the prisoners of Emplate, Gayle Edgarton and his followers. Emplate greets M as his 'little sister'.

Comments: Fairly average issue all round. We discover that M is actually the sister of Emplate, shocks galore. Emma gets some insight into Penance's mind, and Paige and Jono's feelings for each other are illustrated once more and there are yet more hints as to what M's secret may be.