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Generation X #13

Writer: Scott Lobdell

Penciller: Tom Grummett

Inker: Mark Buckingham

Colours: Steve Buccellato

Cover: Chris Bachalo

Rating: ***

Title: It's all relative.

Description: The issue picks up exactly where the last one left off. Generation X are the prisoners of Emplate who along with Gayle Edgarton, Chamber's ex-girlfriend, and his followers have managed to deprive most of the GenXer's of their powers by restraining them in various ways. It has also just been revealed that Monet is the younger sister of Emplate. M manages to escape and sets about trying to get help for herself and her teammates. She pulls out the wires for the fire alarm and tries to send a message outside the Academy. The mutant called Bulwark, one of Emplate's followers, comes up behind her and they start to duke it out.

Back at the campfire, where Emplate is keeping the other members of Generation X, he is about to feed on Banshee when Jubilee starts to taunt him. Nearby Chamber and Gayle are neck deep in some sort of mud. (Emplate double crossed Gayle, and tried to feed on Jono but she tried to stop him.) It turns out that Gayle wasn't actually crippled when Jono first manifested his powers. She just blames him for changing, and taking away all her dreams of happiness with him away.

Meanwhile M continues to battle with Bulwark, when suddenly he begins to shrink and he loses his strength. He runs away from and straight into Artie and Leech. Leech takes away Bulwark's powers and Artie finishes him off. Jubilee continues to taunt Emplate, making him more angry every minute. M thanks Artie and Leech for their help but makes them stay in the treehouse for their own protection. She flies away, a strange purple mist surrounds her and begins to suffocate her. She falls to the ground where the purple mist comes out of her mouth and takes a human shape. He introduces himself as Vincente and before he can get any further Bishop turns up, he came at M's SOS signal, with his trademark grimace and big shiny guns.

Comments: I don't know why but I've never thought of Emplate as a serious threat so, for me, it doesn't seem like the GenXer's are in serious danger. But it is a fairly good issue. Jubilee's taunts and jeers are very entertaining and we get a better idea of what kind of person M is. There's a mix-up with the colouring with Artie and Leech. So that it appears that Artie is talking and Leech has psionic hologram projection type powers. This isn't a bad issue, Tom Grummett's art is better this issue than last, but it's still just an average issue with not much to raise it about the norm.