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Generation X #14

Writer: Scott Lobdell

Penciller: Pascual Ferry

Inker: Mark Buckingham

Colours: Steve Buccellato

Cover: Chris Bachalo

Rating: ***

Title: Jubilee's Top Ten Reasons Why Emplate is a Loser!

Description: This issue starts off with Jubilee's Top 10 reasons why Emplate is a loser, as she continuesto make him more and more angry. Elsewhere Bishop is getting quick explanation from M as to what's going on while he holds Vincente at gunpoint. Suddenly another one of Emplate's enthralls, Murmur, teleports in and attacks Bishop. He teleports out again quickly and Vincente turns into mist and goies down Bishop's throat. Bishop's mutant power is to store and rechannel energy so he is able to expel Vincente from his body.

Back at the campfire, Emplate finally loses his temper with Jubilee and feeds on her. Jubilee reveals her reason for winding Emplate up, she realised that once he fed on her he would gain her powers but since Emplate would be so angry he would be unable to control them. The resulting explosion frees all the GenXer's from their bonds. Before they can capture Emplate, however, he teleports away with Penance.

Bishop is recovering from the strain of expelling Vincente from his system, he looks up at M in a daze and mistakes her for his mother. Emplate attacks M. Bishop attacks Emplate and Penance, in Emplate's thrall, attacks M. Monet is ready to sacrifice herself but Penance somehow snaps out of it and runs away. Back in the biosphere, Skin and Mondo search for Bulwark. Elsewhere, Jono and Gayle recover as they escape from the earth they were buried in, he forgives her and they embrace.

Bishop and Emplate fight on, and Emplate seems to have the upper hand when he is suddenly attacked from behind. It was Penance, whom Emplate identifies as Yvette, she has broken free of his control. Emplate fades away, mentioning the GenXer's missing teammate. It appears that Synch is now under Emplate's thrall, and because of Emplate's problem with families he has sent Ev to St. Louis to his family home. He is either going to recruit his family members or kill them, according to M.

Comments: Fairly good issue. I'm a fan of Pascual Ferry's art, so his pencils were nice to see. It was also seen here that Jubilee is not a lightweight and can easily hold her own. She used her smarts to save the day, in her own unique way, so it was good to see that she should be taken seriously. I have a problem with why only Bishop arrived to help the GenXer's, surely he's not the only X-Man available to help. Anyway, this book does has some good moments. There are some bad ones, e.g. Jono's forgiveness of Gayle. Maybe it wouldn't have seemed so bad if hadn't been so cheesy, but I guess I'm just too much of a cynic to fully appreciate it.