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Generation X #2

Writer: Scott Lobdell

Penciller: Chris Bachalo

Inker: Mark Buckingham

Colours: Steve Buccellato & Electric Crayon.

Rating: ****

Title: Searching

Description: Jubilee and Synch attempt to question Gateway about the girl, Penance, with little success. Monet provides some answers about Emplate and Penance, pointing out that since the two share physical similarities, e.g. spiky hair, Emplate must have been feeding on Penance for months. The rest of the team are gathered indoors, relaxing, when an alarm sounds; Penance has escaped from the med-centre. Splitting up, Jubilee and Synch, White Queen and M, Banshee and Husk attempt to find her in the woods surrounding the Academy. Skin stays behind to monitor and co-ordinate the search while Chamber is AWOL. Meanwhile, in Monaco, an assassin attempts to kill Cartier St. Croix but is stopped when his armour begins to fall apart. Back at the Academy Penance attacks Banshee and Husk, knocking Husk out and using her razor sharp fingers to prevent Banshee from using his powers.

Comments: A good issue. Penance is one of the most interesting characters to have appeared in the X-books. While Rogue cannot touch anyone for fear of absorbing their personalities, memories and powers Penance is truly untouchable in every sense fo the word, which will be seen in later issues. It's a pity that her history was so completely changed from what Lobdell had planned.