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Generation X #3

Writer: Scott Lobdell

Penciller: Chris Bachalo

Inker: Mark Buckingham

Colours: Steve Buccellato & Electric Crayon

Rating: ****

Title: Dead Silence

Description: Picking up exactly where the last issue left off, we find Banshee overpowered by the girl Penance who has effectively denied him the use of his mutant abilities by putting her razor sharp fingers into his mouth. Banshee kicks Penance away from him. Husk regains consciousness, uses her husking power to become stone and attacks Penance. As they fight Penance slashes Husk across the arm. Banshee ends it by generating a sonic blast which Penance uses to burrow underground. Meanwhile a woman called Cordelia congratules a man called Mondo on rescuing children by using his powers. The scene switches back to the Academy and to Synch and Jubilee who are trying to find Banshee and Husk with help from Skin, over com-links. Skin tells them that they're on top of Banshee and Husk but they are nowhere to be seen. Jubilee uses her powers to light up the surrounding area, revealing Penance in the shadows. Penance attacks Synch and Jubilee, Ev synchs with Penance ti create a 'force field' around himself. Penance suddenly disappears and Banshee erupts from an underground cave carrying Husk in his arms. He sends Ev back to the school with Husk while he tracks Penance. Jubilee heads off on her own, also trying to track the girl. Meanwhile, someplace else, the assassin who attempted to kill Cartier St. Croix in the last issue, explains his failure to 'Nanny'. Returning to the Massachusetts Academy, Penances runs, literally, into M and the White Queen. Emma attempts to probe the girl's mind but receives, instead, a psionic backlash knocking her off her feet. M begins to help Penance stand up but Banshee appears and generates a sonic wave that forces the two apart, explaining that Penance's skin could have cut Monet. Penance disappears once again. Jubilee makes her way through the woodss contemplating when Gateway delivered herself and Penance to the X-Men, she sees a bizarre light in the shadows. It is Chamber, Penances approaches him ready to attack. He stretches out his hand to her, trusting that she won't hurt him. She stops, also trusting him. Banshee, Jubilee, M and the White Queen approach the two and they all return to the Academy. Three days later Skin visits Husk in the med-centre where she is still recovering from injuries incurred during her fight with Penance. Skin brings a scrabble board and the two bicker, it ends with him suggesting that they should try something a little more physical. Paige quickly squashes this idea.

Comments: Great art. This issue is more action, less character interaction but is still an entertaining read.