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Generation X #5

Writer: Scott Lobdell

Penciller: Chris Bachalo

Inker: Mark Buckingham

Colours: Steve Buccellato & Electric Crayon

Rating: *****

Title: Don't Touch that Dial.

Description: Jubilee, M, Skin and Synch accompany the White Queen to New York where she is picking something up. Banshee, Chamber, Husk and Penance remain at the academy and Sean tries to communicate with Penance, but without much success. Back in New York, Jubilee, Skin and Synch make their way to Frost Enterprises where they are meeting Emma. They left M in the middle of Rockefeller Plaza in a catatonic state. The car, in which they are travelling, suddenly stops. The three get out and find the driver and two security guards pinned to the wall. Deciding to find the White Queen they change into uniform and venture further into Frost Enterprises. Using the elevator they travel up through the building and are attacked by the mutant called Hemingway. The GenXer's defeat him momentarily and find a small child, also mutant, hiding behind some debris. They realise that the White Queen came to New York to pick up some students for the Academy, Jubilee asks the child where Emma is being held and he generates a psionic hologram showing them.

Comments: I think I might be giving this issue more credit than it deserves because of the art. Bachalo's style has changed dramatically since the first issue and I love it. Another bonus is the great colouring from Steve Buccellato & Electric Crayon, it's a pity they're not still with the book. This issue introduces us to Gene Nation (Marrow, Hemingway), and they are portrayed as homocidal maniacs basically. Hemingway moans about how his elders used to reprimand him for enjoying the 'stoplife' of humans. Charming, no? And Marrow isn't any different, yet she went on to join the X-Men. (They really aren't picky about who their members are, are they?) However, overall, this issue is enjoyable and is a good example of the Lobdell run on the book.