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Generation X #56

Writer: Jay Faerber

Pencillers: Terry Dodson & Karl Kerschel

Inkers: Rachel Dodosn, John Czop & Rod Ramos

Colours: Kevin Tinsley

Cover: Terry Dodson

Rating: ***

Description: Generation X appear to be trapped in the bodies of the Hellions, on the day they were killed by the Sentinels. M tries to waken the other members of the team and begins to realise what has happened. Meanwhile, in the dream world, the rest of the team are panicking over the apparent death of Monet. Unable to find the headmistress, Adrienne Frost, M uses her telepathy to return to the world in which her friends are trapped. She explains to the team that they are really trapped in a dream world and that their bodies are actually in the danger room in the Academy. Just then Donald Pierce appears through a teleportation portal and Sentinels follow him through. Aware that if they are killed in this world, they die in the real one, the team fight alongside the X-Men. Ev, synching with Monet, sees the White Queen trapped between realities and tries to use M's telepathy to free her. When the X-Men realise what's going on they turn on Generation X. Synch manages to free the White Queen and she shatters the reality and returns the team to the real world. There they find Adrienne, and realise that she orchestrated the entire scenario. She uses some teleportation device to leave but Emma decides not to follow her.

Comments: Not a really bad story, but not riveting either. My main problem is with the art. Dodson draws a really nice Emma but his Jubilee looks way too young. The best drawing in this issue would have to be the one of the White Queen trapped between realities. But the colours are too bland for the type of penciller Dodson is. Someone like Liquid! would suit better, but I guess that's too much to ask.