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Generation X #57

Writer: Jay Faerber

Pencillers: Terry Dodson & Chris Renaud

Inkers: Rachel Dodson, Scott Elmer & John Czop

Colours: Kevin Tinsley

Cover: Terry Dodson

Rating: ***

Description: The members of Generation X prepare for the school dance. Jubilee and Paige go shopping for dresses and discuss the relationship between Sean & Emma. Meanwhile no-one has the guts to ask Monet out, Skin bemoans his single status to Leech and Artie while Emplate walks, unnoticed, around them and Ev and Jono try on tux's. Later the team gather in the Danger room for a workout as they battle a simulation of Krakoa, the living island, and try to rescue holographic X-Men. When the simulation ends it turns out that Iceman (aka Robert Drake) has come to teach a class at the Academy on accounting. Jubilee asks Sean when he's going to invite Emma to the dance who gets annoyed and announces that she's going with Iceman. That night they all go to the dance and everyone's surprised when Angelo and Monet turn up together. Another surprise is when Ev sees Emplate walking around. Angelo and Jono provide a distraction by pretending to fight, and Jubilee sets off the sprinklers causing the human students to leave the hall. The team attack Emplate but they realise that he's after Penance and they split up. Iceman, Synch, Chamber & M go and protect Penance from Emplate's followers. When they arrive back at Proudstar Hall Banshee, Husk, Jubilee and Skin are under Emplate's control. Synch angers Jubilee until she breaks free from Emplate's control. She lashes out with her powers causing a huge explosion which destroys Proudstar Hall and ends the battle with Emplate. Everyone had been under an ice-dome of Iceman's creation when the blast occurred and are unharmed except for Penance. When the dust clears Nicole and Claudette appear, free from the Penance form. Emplate and the Penance body are taken to the med-lab. Later that night Penance awakens and burrows her way out of the med-lab.

Comments: Ok. Downside - Jubilee blows up an entire building consequently defeating Emplate and freeing the twins from the Penance body and absolutely no-one mentions it afterwards. The girl saves the day and no-one even acknowledges it, unbelievable. It would have been nicer if this issue was just about the characters with no explosions or baddies. Also, at the end, Claudette and Nicole are smiling at Monet while talking to her. Claudette is autistic, shouldn't she look detached at least? Upside - The art done by Chris Renaud is quite good, except for the Claudette thing, and his Monet is great. Penance is once again a mysterious character now that the twins have been freed from her body.