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Generation X #58

Writer: Jay Faerber

Penciller: Darick Robertson

Inker: Rod Ramos & John Czop

Colours: Kevin Tinsley

Cover: Terry Dodson

Rating: ***

Description: Banshee and Synch go to the med-lab and find that Penance has escaped into the woods. They contact the White Queen who finds one of the human students, badly injured, coming from the woods. The team begin to search the woods for Penance but find instead a sasquatch. The sasquatch attacks them but Penance appears and protects her friends. Meanwhile Monet and her father are talking to Emplate, who is in the med-lab, and he tells them about the emergence of his mutant powers resulting in his mother's death. Banshee and the White Queen contact Alpha Flight who take the sasquatch to Canada. They then ask Penance where she wants to go and she carves the word 'home' into the trunk of a tree. They all return to the academy. Monet approaches her father and he tells her that she's being removed from the Massachusetts academy.

Comments: Fine. It might have been better if more of the issue was spent on the St. Croix family. The art is good.