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Generation X #59

Writer: Jay Faerber

Penciller: Terry Dodson

Inker: Rachel Dodson

Colours: Kevin Tinsley

Rating: ***

Description: Generation X go on a field trip to New York with the exception of Jubilee, Banshee and Monet. (Jubilee and Banshee have been called to the mansion over the apparent death of Wolverine. Monet has been taken out of the Massachusetts Academy.) The group are in the museum and are looking at the dinosaur exhibition. Leech and Artie , who are using image inducers to pass as normal kids, become bored and decide to sneak off. When the others realise that the two are gone they split up and begin to search for them. Meanwhile Artie and Leech are having a great time using their image inducers, pretending to be members of the Backstreet Boys, helping Spider-man defeat the Sandman, then impersonating Sue and Reed Richards and they finally arrive at the Avengers Mansion disguised as Thor and Captain America. Skin and Synch have a run in with the New Warriors and Husk and Chamber briefly discuss their friendship , or lack thereof. Back at the Avengers Mansion Artie and Leech have been discovered and Emma is contacted. Firestar is not too pleased when she discovers that Emma Frost is a teacher of the young mutants. (Firestar was a member of the Hellions, Frost's group of young mutants who died in battle with the Sentinels. In those days Emma was very cruel and manipulative.) When Emma arrives to collect Artie and Leech, she and Firestar have a little heart to heart ending with Firestar accepting Emma's change of focus but promising to track her down if she screws up her new role. Generation X leave the Avengers Mansion and head back to the Academy.

Comments: An average issue. It was good to see Emma confronting some of the demons of her past, but this entire issue had the feeling of a filler issue and didn't really advance any storylines.