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Generation X #6

Writer: Scott Lobdell

Penciller: Chris Bachalo

Inker: Mark Buckingham

Colours: Steve Buccellato & Electric Crayon

Rating: ****

Description: Picking up exactly where the last issue left off, we find the White Queen still a captive of Hemingway and Marrow who are using a young mutant boy called Leech to take away her telepathic powers. At the same time Jubilee, Skin and Synch are trying to track down their missing mentor with another young mutant boy whom they have nicknamed 'Pinky'. Synch locks on the White Queen with his mutant power, but when they reach her they realise that being too close to Leech has cancelled out all their own powers.Then the White Queen does the unexpected, she knocks out Leech by kicking him in the head, because he can't use his mutant power when he's unconscious, and she then uses her telepathy to fry the minds of her captors. She's about to finish them off when the GenXer's drop in, literally.

Watching all this unfold is the Dark Beast (the version of the Beast from the reality known as the Age of Apocalypse). He sets off an explosion, which Emma senses before it happens. Skin saves her from being crushed by some debris while Jubilee rushes to help Leech who is still unconscious, she reaches him just as a concrete slab begins to fall on them and she tries to shield him with her own body. Fortunately M arrives and catches the slab. Outside Jubilee questions M about the catatonic state she fell into but gets little information.

They then go to the Xavier Institute to inform Xavier about Gene Nation, they find out that Pinky's name is Artie and that he and Leech will be joining the Massachusetts Academy. Jubilee goes in search of Wolverine and is shocked at his appearance when she finds him. He has regressed into a feral state and doesn't like to be around people much, but Jubilee doesn't care. She promises to stay with him, a promise he tells her to break because he's proud of what she's trying to do by joining Generation X.

Meanwhile back at the Academy, while all this has been happening, Paige is feeling the after effects of her one beer. Chamber isn't very sympathetic but helps her back to her room and says he won't tell Sean or Emma. Paige decides that she's more interested in Jono than anyone would have supposed. The last sight we see of the Academy is part of the girls' dorm exploding.

Comments: The mystery of M began in the last issue and continues into this one. As time goes on we'll see that her catatonic episodes will become more frequent and we will, of course, wonder 'What is her secret?' I have a few niggles such as when Synch says "I'm concentrating...using my synchronistic aura in a way I've never tried before.' Huh? If he's never tried it before, how would he know how or why would he try. Also the Dark Beast's presence seems a little pointless. I don't see how it furthers the storyline; he appears, sets off an explosion and isn't seen for a few more years in GenX.