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Generation X #61

Writer: Jay Faerber

Penciller: Kevin Sharpe

Inkers: Russell, Ramos & Czop

Colours: Kevin Tinsley

Cover: Terry Dodson

Title: Christmas Fear (part 2 of 2)

Description: Black Tom and Juggernaut have returned with Mondo to fight the GenXer's. Cordelia (Emma's sister) had barged in in the previous issue going on about how Mondo wanted to kill her.
Sean and Tom have a bit of a fist fight, in which Tom gains the upper hand, bashing Sean across the jaw with his stick.
Tom is no longer a tree (damn, I quite liked him when he was a tree actually)
Jubes and Angelo fight Juggernaut (or Juggy as I plan to call him from here on in) to no avail. Then Jono steps up and blasts Juggy with his blasts. He does some damage, but in the end, Juggernout wins, rendering Jono unconscious for about, oh, 8 panels. Emma then takes over Toms mind (I wonder why she didnt do that in the first place) and makes Tom turn his energy on Juggy. It has no effect, and old Juggs then claps his hands, thus making a shock wave, thus knocking the rest of GenX out.
Meanwhile, (in one of the WORST twists in this set -although not as bad as Hama) M has been sent to a private school. Headmaster turns out to be a vampire. Tries to suck M's blood. (You know, the usual)
Meanwhile, back at Xaviers, Tom is telling the kids about how Cordelia kidnapped Mono b/c she wanted to be the new White Queen, and how he kidnapped Mondo from her (using the name 'Barrington'), cloned him, and planted him among the GenXers.
Luckily, Angelo manages to use his powers to escape the grider that Juggsy put them in. Penny then rocks up and slices everyone else free, and then the GenXers and their enemies go another round, with the GenXers winning due to some classy teamwork.
However, Tom, Jugo and Mondo escape via Mondos powers, but all in all, not a bad fight

Comments- The art in this issue wasn't bad. Not fantastic, but not bad. Tom is looking pretty chipper, you know, seeing how he used to be a tree and all that.
Plot wasnt bad. Hell, anything is good compared to that whole "M the vampire thing. I'm spoiling the next issue. Oh well. Its shoddy, you have been warned.
Couple of gripes- in that whole book, fighting wise, Cordelia did NOTHING and Mondo did nothing to hurt her.
I DO like the cover art though. A bit flashy perhaps, but I like it.
All in all, not bad.
   Review by
AussieChica of Generation X Downunder