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Generation X #64

Writer: Warren Ellis & Brian Wood

Penciller: Steve Pugh

Inker: Sandu Florea

Colours: Kevin Tinsley

Title: Correction (Part 2 of 4)


Description: Generation X decide to go in search of the House of Correction, meanwhile Jonathan Somers is being processed through that same institution. He is subjected to a series of bizarre tests, sees the guards deal with an escape attempt in a deadly manner and eventually meets Warden Coffin; the head of the prison/'correction centre'. GenX are trying to find the HoC by following the trail of the most recent kid to disappear, Jonathan Somers. They arrive at his high school and the girls (Husk, Jubilee and M) go in search of information, leaving the boys in the car. While searching through a filing cabinet, M displays some hitherto unseen superspeed capabilities. Back on the road Paige uses the information in the Jonathan Somers folder, to find the location of the HoC via her handheld computer.

Comments: This issue was brilliant. The art looks much better than it did last issue, and the GenXer's come across as real teenagers. The House of Correction is creepy, especially the guards and their lack of emotion. There are some great lines this issue and I loved it when Jubilee hit on the driver. Whatever doubts I had about the direction of this book with issue #63 are now gone. If they could just get the person who colours the cover to do the interiors as well I'd be content.