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Generation X #65

Writers: Warren Ellis & Brian Wood

Penciller: Steve Pugh

Inker: Sandu Florea

Colours: Kevin Somers & Marie Javins

Title: Correction (part 3 of 4)

Rating: ****

Summary: GenX, accompanied by Sean, arrive at the airport ready to use Emma's jet to find the House of Correction. They are attacked, while the team cover Jubilee who can't use her powers around the jet fuel, and Paige exhibits superspeed capabilties when saving Angelo from being shot. They take out their attackers without killing them, Husk realises that there was a locating chip on the Jonathan Somers file they took from the school (last issue). Back at the House of Correction, Warden Coffin is informed of the failure of the retrieval team to get back the Somers file. He orders the guards to spread out, watching every back entrance and window etc. He also orders for his 'special children' to be primed. Back on the jet, Jubilee forms a plan of action and Banshee decides that she should lead the team in. They arrive at the correctional facility. Monet knocks down the front door, and GenX enter the House of Correction.

Comments: The art just gets better with each issue, especially now that the inker seems to have cut down on the splodges. Also there's two new colourists for this issue and they really suit the pencils. Pugh's Husk is quite good and, as I've mentioned before, his Jubilee is the best I've ever seen. Story wise, it's nice to see M back to her cutting comments. The way Jubilee outlined her battle plan was so funny, and it's great to see her finally getting the credit she deserves. However Husk gaining superspeed just doesn't make much sense. In the space of two issues two characters have gained superspeed, and it just seems a little forced. Monet has enough powers, too many powers in my opinion. And what does Husk's power have to do with superspeed? I'm sure someone would be able to come up with some highly scientific explanation of how that would work, but I still don't like it.