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Generation X #67

Plot: Warren Ellis

Writer: Brian Wood.

Penciller: Steve Pugh

Inker(s): Bob Wiacek, Scott Elmer, Derek Mei & Rod Ramos.

Colours: Kevin Somers

Cover art: Art Adams

Title: Come on Die Young (Part 1 of 4)

Rating: ****

Summary: Filling in the events that took place between issues #62 and #63, this story arc will also reveal the fate of Synch, Penance, Artie and Leech.

The story begins in London, 6 months ago, where Adrienne Frost is bidding farewell to a man. She explains the situation between herself and her sister Emma, the White Queen, to a man. She's about to leave when she leans down and kisses him. His face becomes visible to the reader and it's apparent that he's dead. Adrienne leaves.

The Massachusetts Academy: Ev is waiting outside the bathroom when M comes out and they bump into each other. From what they say it's clear that something is going on between the two of them, just then Jubilee runs up to use the bathroom. Ev leaves in a hurry, leaving a confused Jubilee behind.

In the cafeteria Angelo, Jono, Jubilee and Paige discuss which food group the food might belong to when they noticed three guys bullying another boy. Angelo intervenes but one of the bullies pulls at his hand and stretches his skin. They leave and Angelo and the others go to inform their instructors of the incident. Emma and Sean are not please as one of the bully's mother's has already been on claiming that the school is harboring mutants. Emma told her that Angelo had a rare skin condition but doesn't think the woman believed it. Sean and her begin to chew Angelo out but Jubilee intervenes, giving out to them for blaming Angelo when it was the bullies' fault. Emma makes a cutting remark about Jubilee not being like Everett which causes Jubes to storm out. Ev is waiting outside her bedroom door and tries to talk to her about the incident with Monet that morning, she won't listen and slams the door in his face.

That night he and M are walking outside, she talks about how much she missed everyone when she was staying at the Swiss boarding school and how all she could think about was getting back to Everett. They kiss, but don't realise that Adrienne is watching from a distance. She's sitting in a car with another man. She tells him that the mission is 'a go'.

Comments: I enjoyed this issue a lot. The art was very strong, Pugh's Monet is very good now, but Jubilee's face looked a little odd at times. His version of Adrienne is excellent, also. There are 4 inkers and whoever inked the first few pages and the last few are the best suited to Pugh's pencils. As for the story, the first few pages with the dead guy showed just how unbalanced Adrienne is. It's good how a lot is implied and not just spelled out for you, but I'm a little unsure as to whether Ev and M's relationship is common knowledge or not. All in all, though, this is a good issue with strong art and a good place for new readers to start.