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Generation X # 68

Plot: Warren Ellis

Writer: Brian Wood

Pencillers: Steve Pugh & Ron Lim

Inkers: Wiacek, Ramos & Mei

Colours: Kevin Somers & Joe Rosas.

Cover: Art Adams

Title: Come on, Die Young (part 2 of 4)

Rating: ****

Description: Ev is cornered by bullies in his room who question him about Jono and Angelo. Monet arrives before they can hurt him. When Sean goes to inform Emma of this, he finds Adrienne in her office. She claims that she needs refuge from the London section of the Hellfire Club because she ripped them off for millions of pounds. Sean threatens her but Emma tells him that Adrienne has had it arranged so that if anything should happen to her it would be revealed, along with evidence to prove it, that the Academy secretly schooled mutants in the use of their powers. Sean concedes and Adrienne is given her old room to sleep in. Outside Jubilee is walking through the school grounds when she is hit on the head with a snowball and someone calls her a mutant. Scared she runs away. Emma sees this and takes out a gun before going with Sean to meet with the kids. There they tell the GenXer's that they are restricted to their rooms and that Adrienne is back. As Angelo, Jono, Jubilee and Paige walk back to their rooms they smell smoke. Running they find Jubilee's room on fire with words like 'Die Mutie' painted on the wall outside.

Comments: While the story this issue was quite good, the art wasn't as good as previous issues. Maybe it was the two inkers as the art was stronger at the beginning than at the end, and two different colourists didn't help either. Ron Lim only pencilled 4 pages at the very end of the book, but he's quite good and I wouldn't mind seeing him as a fill in penciller in the future. Also, Pugh has changed his way of drawing Jubilee and I preferred the way he drew her during the House of Correction story arc. However the actual story was the saving grace as it showed just how powerful mutant hatred can be, especially with Jubilee's fear when accused of being a mutant. The team can't just go and beat up some bad guy to make the problem go away, they're up against something that can't be beaten. (Slight query though, do the other GenXer's know about Monet and Ev? It was hinted at last issue that they might, but there's been no such indication this time round.)