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Generation X #69

Plot: Warren Ellis

Writer: Brian Wood

Penciller: Alan Evans

Inkers: Bob Wiacek & Rod Ramos

Colours: Kevin Somers

Cover: Art Adams

Title: Come on, Die Young (part 3 of 4)

Rating: ***

Description: One of the, male, students arrives at Adrienne's room with flowers. She pulls him in.

In Monet's room, Jubilee, Paige and Penance have become temporary residents following the fire in Jubilee's room. Banshee arms an alarm before leaving and the girls settle down for the night. Jubilee becomes upset thinking about her room since not only were all her posessions destroyed but also photos of her deceased parents.

In Jono's room, Angelo and Ev play on the Playstation and Jono asks them about how they feel about the students persecuting anyone they think might be a mutant. While Angelo and Jono admit that they feel anger towards the humans, Ev tries to rationalise 'normal' people's fear of mutants.

In Emma's office, she and Sean discuss the recent events and their suspicions of Adrienne. Emma reveals how she doesn't believe that her sister is in trouble with the London section of the Hellfire Club, and that she is somehow behind the sudden explosion of mutant hatred on campus.

Elsewhere Paige and Monet meet in a hallway and discuss what they've heard from other students. Suddenly a chair comes flying through a door, barely missing them. A group of boys are beating up the boy seen in issue 67, Monet intervenes but loses control. She throws one of the assailants across the room, holds him up against a wall and begins to shout at him. Sean comes in and manages to calm her down.

In the library, Ev is studying. Monet comes up to him. The two kiss but are interrupted by the librarian so they decide to go somewhere more private. Meanwhile Emma and Sean discuss the attack on the boy, who is in a critical condition in hospital. Emma tells Sean that Ambassador St. Croix rang to say that Artie, Leech and Penance arrived safely in Morocco. Outside they suddenly see a steady stream of cars pulling up in front of the Academy. Emma senses hate and fear coming from the passengers.

Comments: This issue was so-so. While the art was sometimes quite good, at other times it was just plain ugly. The same goes for the colours which could be great one minute, and dull the next. Story wise not much happened. Jubilee's grief over losing photos of her parents was believable, and it was good to see the boys discussing how they felt about humans. I guess they're trying to build up tension but you could easily skip this issue and not have missed anything seriously important. And while I prefer this nicer more human Monet, the expression of any emotion is very odd for her let alone a loss of control.