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Generation X #7

Writer: Scott Lobdell

Penciller: Roger Cruz

Inker: Mark Buckingham

Colours: Steve Buccellato & Electric Crayon

Title: Nights and Bolts

Rating: **

Summary: Sean is in the middle of a nightmare when suddenly Emma appears in his dream and tells him to wake up, which he does. Since the girls' dorm is no longer habitable, due to the explosion that happened last issue, he has had to give up his bed to Emma while he sleeps on the couch in his private cottage. Thinking that she used her telepathy to get into his mind, he heads towards her room and is about to give out to her when she opens the door and explains that living in such close quarters means that she is being dragged into his dreams whether she likes it or not. He apologises and admits that he hasn't been sleeping well, but refuses to discuss it with her.

Outside Chamber is brooding, nothing new there, thinking over the day's events. It turns out that Paige tried to kiss him, but he panicked and caused the explosion with his powers. Paige would have been hurt too if she had not husked in time. Jono is thinking about this when Paige approaches and thanks him for taking the blame for the explosion. He misunderstands what she means and stalks off.

Jubilee is watching all this through her bedroom window but her viewing is interrupted by Monet, with whom she is now sharing a room. M is looking at something which turns out to be a colouring book and it is accidentally torn when Jubilee tries to get a look at it. Monet flies out the window in a huff and goes in search of Gateway. When she finds him she begins to rant about the Academy but eventually settles down and begins to meditate with him.

In the Danger Grotto, the Academy's bio sphere, Ev and Angelo are building a tree house for Artie and Leech.

Banshee is outside and Emma approaches him, they apologise to each other and she then admits that she kicked Leech (see issue #6 for details), and offers her resignation which Banshee refuses. They are interrupted by Jubilee, there's a phone call for Sean. It's a woman in Ireland, Sean's castle has disappeared.

Comments: This is the beginning of one of my most hated GenX story. But I won't rant on about that now, and I'll instead concentrate on this issue which is very weak. Number 1 - the art. Roger Cruz is a reasonably good penciller but his teenagers look like 25 year olds. Jubilee is supposedly 13 (and a half) years of age, yet here she looks at least 19. Also Cruz's anatomy is more than a little odd, Ev and Angelo seem to have tiny heads in proportion to their body, and while I appreciate that the girls are meant to be in their night clothes, does that mean that they have to be half naked? That said his Chamber is quite good. Number 2 - the story. Like I said before this is the beginning of a truly horrendous story. Jubilee comes across as a spoiled brat and it's nearly impossible to like her. Also, why is it that it seems only Americans can speak correct English in comics? English characters usually have supposed 'cockney' accents and Irish characters sound as though they grew up with leprechauns. This is a pet rant of mine, which I'll go into more detail another time.