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Generation X #71

Writer: Brian Wood

Pencils: Steve Pugh

Inks: Jimmy Palmiotti & Steve Pugh

Colours: Kevin Somers

Cover: Pencils - Art Adams
Cover: Colours - Liquid!

Title: Four Days (part 1of 4)

Rating: ****

Description: The first issue in the Four Days story arc focuses on Jono (aka Chamber) as he spends the day alone in New York.

Travelling to the city with Jubilee and M, they separate and he goes record shopping. In a record store he notices a girl browsing. He attempts to speak to her but she is frightened and runs out of the store, onto the road and into the path of an oncoming car. Jono uses his powers to save her. He realises that she is deaf and dumb and that is why she was so frightened when he spoke to her. He explains that he is a mutant and how he can speak into her mind. They leave the scene of the crash together and head to a cafe.

At the cafe the girl, Rana, apologises for not realising that Jono can't drink. She explains that she was in the music store because she likes to feel the vibrations, the rhythym, of the music.

As the day progresses they become closer. Jono is reluctant to tell her much about himself, despite her assurances that she won't hurt him. Later, when the eventually part, she gives him her address. Before she leaves she kisses him on the cheek and then on his bandages.

Later, on the way back to the Academy, Monet questions Jono on his 'date'. Although slightly angry that M has been reading his thoughts, he tells her how much he enjoyed the day. However he doesn't want to drag Rana in his world. As the car continues to drive away, Jono drops Rana's address out the window.

Comments: Issues that are focused solely on the characters are my favourites. If I had my way only one in every ten issues would have superheroics and that's one of the reason's why I enjoyed this issue so much. Jono is still very much the loner of the group, but here he finds someone with whom he can identify. And while I'm disappointed that he decided not to completely trust Rana and bring include her in his life, it was more in keeping with his character to not take the chance.