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Generation X #72

Writer: Brian Wood

Art: Steve Pugh

Colours: Kevin Somers

Cover Artist: Art Adams

Title: Four Days (part 2 of 4)

Rating: ****

Description: The day begins with Jubilee watching Banshee and M sparring. Banshee is trying to teach Monet how to fight without using her powers. He eventually beats her and tells Jubilee how it was also an exercise in self-control. After he leaves, M tells Jubes that she doesn't see what she must conceal her powers and doesn't plan on doing so in the future. She then invites Jubilee to go to New York with her, and Jubes accepts.

Chamber accompanies them to New York but leaves them in Times Square, the girls head for Soho for some shopping. While Monet tries on some clothes, Jubilee amuses herself by convincing the shop assistant that M is a celebrity, bordering on superstardom. Then later while Jubilee tries on some clothes, Monet is approached by two teenage girls who compliment her on her hair. M accepts the compliment but soon becomes slightly uncomfortable with them and leaves in search of Jubilee. Jubes comments on M's discomfort, saying that it's understandable since their lives are not remotely like any average teen's. She then asks M what she's thinking about and, sighing, realises that it's Everett. She tries to console Monet, saying that it's not her fault but M blows up at this. She screams at Jubilee that she has no idea how she feels or what it's like for her, but seeing Jubilee in tears she realises that she understands all too well and the two hug.

Later Jubilee tries to introduce M to bubble tea, a dessert drink from China, but Monet isn't as appreciative as she should be. On the subway, Jubilee entertains a little kid by using her powers. M begins to reprimand her but is interrupted by a few gun toting men. They begin to rant about the assassination of Senator Kelly, an anti-mutant politician who was running for President, and vow to continue Kelly's campaign. They're interrupted by a little kid, shouting for Jubilee to make more sparks with her hands. Quickly Jubilee and M begin to disarm the men, but Jubes get injured. She's about to be shot when M saves her. M uses her telepathic powers on the people in the subway car, then leaps out with Jubilee in her arms.

Jubilee comes to later. She fainted from the shock of her injury. M has bound up the cut, and shows Jubilee the bullet she stopped from killing her. Jubilee is annoyed that Monet mind wiped the passengers of the car, but M tries to justify her actions but Jubilee doesn't accept it and says that they should meet up with Jono.

Comments: Great issue. Monet and Jubilee have never been more interesting or more realistic. Their friendship, or lack thereof, has never been fully explored and this issue shows that despite their differences they do trust each other. I have some quibbles, such as the terrorists on the train. I would have preferred if this was just a character issue, with no fight scenes but I guess it showed that Jubilee and M work well as a team. Wood also showed that despite how hyper and giddy Jubilee may seem she's thoroughly grounded in reality, which is shown in the way she summarises the GenXer's life to Monet. Pugh's art has also improved now that he's inking his own pencils and the difference is noticeable. However during the subway fight scene, there was a part where it was hard to follow the art. It appeared that Jubilee used her powers to disarm the men, but it might have been M so it was a tad confusing. I'm not happy with the colourist, at all. Jubilee's fireworks are just plain pink. They're supposed to be multicoloured. There was a similar problem in issue #70, with Synch. When he started using his powers it looked like some green gas was rising off his body, instead of a rainbow coloured aura. But these are minor quibbles, I really enjoyed this issue. The new costumes are good, the art was solid and overall it was a good story.