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Generation X #73

Writer: Brian Wood

Pencils: Ron Lim

Inks: Sandu Florea

Colours: Kevin Somers

Title: Four Days (part 3 of 4)

Rating: ***

Summary: The issue begins with Angelo running through the grounds of the Academy. He runs into Sean and asks him to try and hit him so that he can show him a new move. Sean swings at Angelo, but he ducks and uses his skin to grab Sean's fist and twist it behind his back. Banshee congratulates Skin on the manoeuvre and tells him to be up front in a few minutes if Angelo wants to join Sean on a trip to Boston. Banshee then goes to his office and tries to ring Moira MacTaggart, his girlfriend, but is instead connected to Professor Xavier. A few moments later he storms out of the Academy and gets into the jeep. Angelo follows him, confused, and hops into the vehicle just before it begins to move. Sean drives recklessly onto the inter-state, ignoring Skin's questions before nearly colliding with an oncoming vehicle. Now, somewhat sobered he apologises to Angelo for his behaviour and pulls over.

A few minutes later, in a pub in Boston called 'Ryan's Daughter', Sean explains to Angelo the reason behind his strange behaviour. He buys himself and Ange a pint of Guinness in order to drown his sorrows. Moira MacTaggart has died. Sean talks about how much he loved her before snapping out of his melancholic mood.

He leaves Angelo behind while he takes care of the business he came to Boston for. However when re-emerges from the building he entered into it is as the prisoner of several men. Seeing them, Angelo ducks out of sight as they check the jeep before leaving. He gets into the jeep and begins to follow them. Meanwhile, Banshee is being questioned by his captors. They are angry with him for some past transgression and want revenge. He is unable to use his powers because of a special device that they've placed on him. He attempts to break free of his restraints but they soon have him under control once more. They find a strange gadget on him that is linked to the Academy, when he refuses to give them the code they shoot him in the leg. He gives them a code, but instead of granting them access it locks down the Academy security system. They are about to shoot Sean when Angelo finally catches up with them and forces their car off the road. Angelo takes care of the remaining attackers before reaching Sean.

Comments: A fairly good issue. Ron Lim is a good artist, even though I prefer Steve Pugh, so the art is fine all the way through. Honestly I really wasn't too thrilled by this issue. One would think that Professor Xavier or one of the X-Men would have contacted Sean before this to inform him of Moira's death. I realise that this is part of working with a comic in the X-world and that it's not the writer's fault but that does not make it any less annoying.

It's interesting to see Angelo become more focused and determined than he was before. The respect he shows for Sean as well as his new interest in developing his powers are making him a better character. I like how they've tied in this issue to the next with Banshee locking down the security system.

I don't know if there is actually a pub called 'Ryan's Daughter' in Boston, but I do know there was a film made around 20 years ago called that and it was set in Ireland.

Quibble - Irish accents. Bearable I suppose, in comparision to Lobdell's but still annoying nonetheless. I'll accept 'yeh' instead of 'you' and even the occasional 'lad' but, for the most part, they are very annoying.

Artist and colourist got the Guinness wrong. It's not usually drunk out of a tankard-type glass but instead out of a pint glass. Also Guinness is black with about an inch or two of white foam on the top, not the golden-brown it was in the comic.