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Generation X #74

Writer: Brian Wood

Art: Steve Pugh

Colours: VLM

Cover: Chriscross

Title: Four Days (part 4 of 4)

Rating: **

Summary: Paige is left alone in the Academy while the others leave to do various other things. 'Geeking out' over the new security system, Paige is bewildered when the system suddenly locks down. (See Generation X #73 for more details.) Trying to discover the cause of the lockdown she looks around the Academy and finds a classroom full of ghost. Paige runs away but one of the ghosts, a girl, follows. The girl pulls a book out of a shelf and opens it, inside is a sheet of paper. The ghost hands the sheet to Paige and tells her to read it. Paige does so and then asks the ghost child whether what is written there is true. The ghost, whose name is Hannah McMurray, tells her it is and Paige sees the marks of physical abuse on her body.

Later, when Jono, Jubilee and Monet return from New York they find the Academy completely loocked down. M uses her cell phone to deactivate the security system and they enter. Paige runs down to them and out to the car, saying that she's just going out for awhile. Awhile later the car pulls up in front of a house in the country. She knocks on the door and it's answered by an elderly lady. The woman is the sister of Hannah McMuray and Paige gives her the letter and comforts the woman.

Comments: Story wise my main reaction to this issue was 'So what?'. An issue where Paige talks mainly to herself and where nothing happens that shows either any new side to the character or has any real lasting consequences. Having the security system lock down was an interesting idea but I thought that this issue would have been more about Paige vs. the Academy's security. I did like how Paige used her powers, at one stage, to husk into stone to try and blend in with her surroundings.

Best part of this issue is definitely the art. There's a different colourist than previous issues. It's a pity that Pugh won't be pencilling the final issue of Generation X.