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Generation X #8

Writer: Scott Lobdell

Penciller: Roger Cruz

Inker(s): Mark Buckingham & Al Milgrom

Colours: Steve Buccellato & Electric Crayon

Cover: Chris Bachalo

Rating: *

Description: Generation X arrive in Ireland to find that Sean's castle has disappeared, and there is only a strange mist in its place. Synch sees strange images in the mist and is pulled in, Chamber follows. Banshee deals with the Black Air Intel operatives(an organisation that investigates the paranormal) by using his powers to knock them out. The team follow Jono and Ev into the mist. Meanwhile, elsewhere, Cordelia Frost is enjoying the sunshine with her friend Mondo and dives into the water. She doesn't emerge and Mondo goes under in search of her. Returning to the GenXer's we find them in a strange alternate reality wearing old fashioned clothes. They pass out from lack of oxygen. Elsewhere Chamber and Synch are wearing similar clothes and are battling some knights, protecting some elven people who then carry them off 'home'. Nearby Banshee and the White Queen awake in a dungeon, find one of Banshee's friends also down there. They free themselves and begin to make their way out of the castle. In another place the 'Grande Dame' bring the rest of the GenXer's, Husk, Jubilee, M, Penance and Skin to her. She gives them breathing apparatus. She shows them the 'glamour machine' and tells them that they are the 'chosen ones' destined to fix it. The glamour machine is the life force of the elves, fairies etc. and it is broken. She shows them an 'ancient scroll' to prove that they truly are these chosen ones but closer inspection reveals that the scroll is freshly painted. Husk, Jubilee and M begin work on the glamour machine. Skin answers a knock at the door and finds himself face to face with a huge dragon.

Comments: I truly hate this story arc. The Irish accents, leprechauns, fairies,'s just too much to take. Plus I'm not a fan of Roger Cruz's art, his profiles look really flat, the teens don't look like teenagers. You get the idea. Not the best example of Lobdell's work on the book.